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Clinical commentaries

Clinical Commentaries are short reports of case studies that reflect truly novel findings.

Volume 21, issue 6, December 2019

Article LGI-1 antibody encephalitis in a seven-year-old girl
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Ali Mir, Ziyad Thani, Shahid Bashir, Hana Ayed, Raidah Albaradie

Article Ictal asystole with intercurrent cardiopathy: a complex combination leading to delayed diagnosis
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Dènahin Hinnoutondji Toffa, Raluca Pana, Dang Khoa Nguyen

Article Epilepsia partialis continua and cortical motor control: insights into physiology
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José L. Fernández-Torre, María Martín-García, Ernesto Orozco-Sevilla, David Mato-Mañas, Miguel A. Hernández-Hernández, Enrique Marco de Lucas

Article Defecation reflex seizures: a case report with long-term VEEG monitoring, neuroimaging and comprehensive epilepsy evaluation
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Renata Pina Rocha, Eugenia Fialho Macedo, Regina Maria França Fernandes, Ursula Thomé, Américo C. Sakamoto, Lauro Wichert-Ana, Ana Paula Andrade Hamad

Article Benign spasms of infancy: a mimicker of infantile epileptic disorders
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Jamie Ghossein, Daniela Pohl

Volume 21, issue 5, October 2019

Article Ictal kissing in a patient with right frontal lobe epilepsy
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António Martins de Campos, Helena Rocha, José Manuel Dias da Costa, Ricardo Rego

Article Epileptic encephalopathy with microcephaly in a patient with asparagine synthetase deficiency: a video-EEG report
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Paola Costa, Caterina Zanus, Flavio Faletra, Giulia Ventura, Giulia Maria di Marzio, Chiara Cervesi, Marco Carrozzi

Article Electrical stimulation of the cingulate elicits involuntary singing
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Krzysztof Bujarski, Cathy Martin, Barbara Jobst, David Roberts, Andy Connolly

Article Self-stimulation in an adult misdiagnosed with focal epilepsy
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Pedro Correia, Elizabeth Hartl, Soheyl Noachtar

Article Paroxysmal non-epileptic events in infancy: five cases with typical features
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Eszter Nagy, Katalin Hollody

Article Stimulus-induced rhythmic, periodic ictal discharges during funduscopic examination in a patient with status epilepticus
Wei-Pin Hong, Tsang-Shan Chen, Chin-Wei Huang

Article Widespread frontal lobe cortical dysplasia or partial hemimegalencephaly: a continuum of the spectrum
Emilija Cvetkovska, Igor Kuzmanovski, Bojan Boskovski, Marija Babunovska, Kiteva Gordana Trencevska

Article Perampanel-induced hair curling in a patient with epilepsy associated with Pitt Hopkins syndrome
Yamile Calle-Lopez, Prakash Kotagal, Elia Pestana Knight

Article Avoiding anaesthetics after multiple failed drug-induced comas: an unorthodox approach to management of new-onset refractory status epilepticus (NORSE)
James E. Eaton, Matthew T. Meriweather, Bassel W. Abou-Khalil, Hasan H. Sonmezturk

Volume 21, issue 4, August 2019

Article Bilateral synchronous gamma range firing of bulbar motor units during tonic seizures
Machiel Zwarts, Gerard van Erp, Hans van Dijk

Article Deep brain stimulation of the anterior nucleus of the thalamus in a patient with super-refractory convulsive status epilepticus
Liu Yuan, Shaohui Zhang, Shuangshuang Liang, Na Liu, Xiaoman Yu, Shuli Liang

Volume 21, issue 3, June 2019

Article Ictal atrial fibrillation during focal seizures: a case report and literature review
Luca M. Basili, Alessandra Morano, Jinane Fattouch, Martina Fanella, Mariarita Albini, Federica Avorio, Emanuele Cerulli Irelli, Mario Manfredi, Claudia Urani, Stefano Strano, Anna T. Giallonardo, Carlo Di Bonaventura

Article Selective deep brain stimulation in the substantia nigra reduces myoclonus in progressive myoclonic epilepsy: a novel observation and short review of the literature
Andrea di Giacopo, Christian R. Baumann, Martin Kurthen, Francesco Capecchi, Oguzkan Sürücü, Lukas L. Imbach

Article Magnetoencephalogram-assisted diagnosis of familial focal epilepsy with variable foci in a Chinese family with a novel DEPDC5 mutation
Mingyu Li, Zhaoyang Huang, Xiating Zhang, Yiran Duan, Yu Jia, Jing Ye, Yuping Wang

Article Surgical treatment of extra-hypothalamic epilepsies presenting with gelastic seizures
With Video

Holger Joswig, Patricia Rejas-Pinelo, Ana Suller, Richard S. McLachlan, David A. Steven

Article Abdominal epilepsia partialis continua in neurocysticercosis
With Video

Ajay Asranna, Sachin Sureshbabu, Gaurav Mittal, Sudhir Peter, Shobhana Chindripu, Leena Saini

Article Clinical evolution and epilepsy outcome in three patients with CDKL5-related developmental encephalopathy
Pia Bernardo, Alessandro Ferretti, Gaetano Terrone, Claudia Santoro, Carmela Bravaccio, Salvatore Striano, Antonietta Coppola, Pasquale Striano

Article An embarrassing aura
Laura Lacazette, Olivier Boucher, Ismail Mohamed, Alain Bouthillier, Dang Khoa Nguyen

Article Temporal encephalocele: a novel indication for magnetic resonance-guided laser interstitial thermal therapy for medically intractable epilepsy
Manish Ranjan, Angus A. Wilfong, Varina L. Boerwinkle, Randa Jarrar, P. David Adelson

Volume 21, issue 2, April 2019

Article Multinodular and vacuolating neuronal tumour of the cerebrum: a rare neuroimaging incidentaloma or a potentially treatable cause of focal epilepsy?
Vladimir Baščarević, Aleksa T. Pejović, Aleksandar J. Ristić, Nikola Vojvodić, Savo Raičević, Tijana Đukić, Leposava Brajković, Dragoslav Sokić

Article Late adult-onset epilepsy in a patient with hemimegalencephaly
Seth A. Climans, Seyed M. Mirsattari

Volume 21, issue 1, February 2019

Article A novel mutation in KCNQ3-related benign familial neonatal epilepsy: electroclinical features and neurodevelopmental outcome
With Video

Ettore Piro, Rosaria Nardello, Elena Gennaro, Antonina Fontana, Maurizio Taglialatela, Giuseppe Donato Mangano, Giovanni Corsello, Salvatore Mangano

Article Focal visual status epilepticus
Caspar Stephani, Walter Paulus, Niels K. Focke

Article Tonic status epilepticus in a centenarian woman
With Video

José L. Fernández-Torre, Javier Riancho, María Martín-García, Gonzalo Martínez-de las Cuevas, Pilar Bosque-Varela

Article Epilepsy surgery in the first months of life: a large type IIb focal cortical dysplasia causing neonatal drug-resistant epilepsy
Ingo Borggraefe, Moritz Tacke, Lucia Gerstl, Steffen Leiz, Roland Coras, Ingmar Blümcke, Armin Giese, Birgit Ertl-Wagner, Christian T. Thiel, Soheyl Noachtar, Aurelia Peraud

Article Berardinelli-Seip syndrome and progressive myoclonus epilepsy
Domenico Serino, Chiara Davico, Nicola Specchio, Carlo Efisio Marras, Franco Fioretto

Article A Rasmussen encephalitis, autoimmune encephalitis, and mitochondrial disease mimicker: expanding the DNM1L-associated intractable epilepsy and encephalopathy phenotype
Danielle A. Nolan, Baibing Chen, Anne Marie Michon, Emily Salatka, Daniel Arndt

Article Rasmussen syndrome: absence seizures may be induced by oxcarbazepine
Roberto H. Caraballo, Pedro Cachia, Gabriela Reyes Valenzuela, Agustin Calvo

Article Absence status induced by lacosamide adjunctive therapy
Charles Ákos Szabó, Lola C. Morgan, Suzanne Sonnenberg, Kameel M. Karkar

Volume 20, issue 6, December 2018

En accès libre Intractable apnoeic seizures in a child with a deletion typically associated with Williams syndrome
With Video

Saber Jan, Ayako Ochi, Kota Kagawa, Peter Gill, Astrid Guttmann, Hiroshi Otsubo, Jeff Kobayashi

En accès libre Juvenile absence epilepsy relapsing as recurrent absence status, mimicking transient global amnesia, in an elderly patient
Lorenzo Muccioli, Laura Licchetta, Carlotta Stipa, Paolo Tinuper, Francesca Bisulli

En accès libre KCNQ2 mutation in an infant with encephalopathy of infancy with migrating focal seizures
Alexander Freibauer, Kevin Jones

En accès libre Hemiconvulsion-Hemiplegia-Epilepsy in a girl with cobalamin C deficiency
Kenneth A. Myers, Roy WR. Dudley, Myriam Srour

En accès libre Under-reporting of nocturnal seizures using video-based home monitoring: a case study on the evaluation of the effect of vagal nerve stimulation
With Video

Stefano Peciola, Sari-Leena Himanen, Andrew Knight, Maxine Dibué-Adjei, Sirpa Rainesalo, Jukka Peltola

En accès libre Faciobrachial dystonic seizures expressed as epileptic spasms, followed by focal seizures in anti-LGI1 encephalitis: a video-polygraphic study
With Video

Giuseppe d’Orsi, Tommaso Martino, Alessandra Lalla, Maria Teresa Di Claudio, Elena Carapelle, Carlo Avolio

En accès libre Cortical surface intracranial electrodes identify clinically relevant seizures missed on scalp EEG after traumatic intracranial hemorrhage
Chris R. Marcellino, Samuel Lapalme-Remis, Alejandro A. Rabinstein, Jamie J. Van Gompel, Gregory A. Worrell, Eric T. Payne, Sara Hocker

Volume 20, issue 5, October 2018

En accès libre Lacosamide for SCN2A-related intractable neonatal and infantile seizures
Flor-Hirsch Hadar, Heyman Eli, Livneh Ayelet, Reish Orit, Watemberg Nathan, Litmanovits Ita, Ben Sason Lilli Anat, Lev Dorit, Lerman Sagie Tally, Bassan Haim

En accès libre Genetic (idiopathic) generalized epilepsy with occipital semiology
Pablo Gómez-Porro, Angel Aledo Serrano, Rafael Toledano, Irene García-Morales, Antonio Gil-Nagel

En accès libre Stimulation-induced ictal vocalisation of left frontal lobe origin
With Video

Leyla Baysal-Kirac, Elisabeth Hartl, Christian Vollmar, Katharina Ernst, Hannah Lohr, Soheyl Noachtar

En accès libre Ictal SPECT reveals different epileptogenic zones in frontal lobe epilepsy
Pedro Correia, Christian Vollmar, Jan Rémi, Christian la Fougere, Soheyl Noachtar

En accès libre Electroclinical history of a five-year-old girl with GRIN1-related early-onset epileptic encephalopathy: a video-case study
With Video

Erica Pironti, Francesca Granata, Francesca Cucinotta, Antonella Gagliano, Stephanie Efthymiou, Henry Houlden, Vincenzo Salpietro, Gabriella Di Rosa

En accès libre Refractory epilepsy secondary to anti-GAD encephalitis treated with DBS post SEEG evaluation: a novel case report based on stimulation findings
Lisa Gillinder, Alexander Lehn, Jason Papacostas, Sarah Olson, Stefan Blum, Sasha Dionisio

En accès libre Diaper changing-induced reflex seizures in CDKL5-related epilepsy
With Video

Roberta Solazzi, Elena Fiorini, Elena Parrini, Francesca Darra, Bernardo Dalla Bernardina, Gaetano Cantalupo

En accès libre Sleep-related hypermotor epilepsy and peri-ictal hypotension in a patient with syntaxin-1B mutation
With Video

Joao Peres, Francisco Antunes, Bilal Zonjy, Anna L. Mitchell, Samden D. Lhatoo

Volume 20, issue 4, August 2018

En accès libre Probable dysimmune epilepsia partialis continua manifesting as epileptic moving toes syndrome: electroclinical features of a challenging case
With Video

Francesco Brigo, Alberto Vogrig, Arianna Bratti, Veronica Tavernelli, Raffaele Nardone, Eugen Trinka