L'Information Psychiatrique

L'Information Psychiatrique

Official journal of the french “hospital psychiatrists society” (SPH)

L’Information Psychiatrique is the psychiatrist’s clinical and professional journal.
L’Information Psychiatrique publishes mainly research papers focusing on psychopathology. It also looks at ethic issues, health organisation and health care policy, topics that reach towards social science and the neurosciences.

With the many changes taking place in psychiatry, L’Information Psychiatrique reflects readers’ current clinical concerns.
The journal is a platform for news, discussion and debates on the global care of the patient. It publishes every main controversy going through the profession. L’Information Psychiatrique is also dedicated to the vocational education of all psychiatry practitioners.

L’Information Psychiatrique has become the essential benchmark journal for hospital psychiatrists.


Volume 100, issue 5, Mai 2024


En accès libre Child psychiatry: A 2024 inventory
Gérard Shadili, Fabienne Roos-Weil
Free Access


Article Santé mentale des Français : le gouvernement aux abonnés absents - Communiqué de la FHP-Psy du 12 avril 2024
FHP-Psy, Fédération de l’hospitalisation privée Psy

Courrier des lecteurs

Article Psychodynamic Rehab
Michel Decker


Article Welcoming and supporting young carers at the Maison des Adolescents de l’Ariège: A dedicated scheme
Alys Planès, Aurélie Untas, Géraldine Dorard

Pédopsychiatrie (Dossier coordonné par Gérard Shadili et Fabienne Roos-Weil)

Article Children returning from Iraqi-Syrian zones: Establishing an ethical and clinical approach balancing security and media issues with children’s needs and interests
Nora Bouaziz, Jean-Marc Baleyte

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