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Article Unmasking the entity of ‘drug-resistant’ perioral myoclonia with absences: the twitches, darts and domes!
With Video

Pavan Kumar Rudrabhatla, Sunesh ER, Ashalatha Radhakrishnan, Ramshekhar N. Menon

Article The precuneal cortex: anatomy and seizure semiology
Ruba R. Al-Ramadhani, Veeresh Kumar N. Shivamurthy, Kathryn Elkins, Satyanarayana Gedela, Nigel P. Pedersen, Ammar Kheder

Article Efficacy of the ketogenic diet on ACTH- or corticosteroid-resistant infantile spasm: a multicentre prospective control study
Jie Zhang, Guohong Chen, Juan Wang, Yuwu Jiang, Zhixian Yang, Kaili Xu, Jing Peng, Shuizhen Zhou, Li Jiang, Baomin Li, Dongqing Zhang, Zhisheng Liu, Lijuan Huang, Chunhong Chen, Fang Fang, Yanhui Chen, Yi Wu, Jianmin Zhong, Jian Zha, Fei Yin, Lifei Yu, Ye Wu

Article Awake craniotomy for epilepsy surgery on eloquent speech areas: a single-centre experience
George H. Korkar, Jean Isnard, Alexandra Montavont, Hélène Catenoix, Sylvain Rheims, Marc Guénot

Article Cognitive and behavioural development in children presenting with complex febrile seizures: at onset and school age
Emilie Sheppard, Eve Lalancette, Fanny Thébault-Dagher, Marc-Philippe Lafontaine, Inga Sophia Knoth, Jocelyn Gravel, Sarah Lippé

Article Temporal-parietal-occipital epilepsy in GEFS+ associated with SCN1A mutation
Antonella Riva, Antonietta Coppola, Ganna Balagura, Marcello Scala, Michele Iacomino, Francesca Marchese, Elisabetta Amadori, Simona Lattanzi, Roberta Meo, Salvatore Striano, Vincenzo Salpietro, Federico Zara, Carlo Minetti, Pasquale Striano, Leonilda Bilo

En accès libre A characteristic occipital epileptiform EEG pattern in ADCK3-related mitochondrial disease
Vibeke Arntsen, Trond Sand, Omar Hikmat, Christian Samsonsen, Laurence A. Bindoff, Eylert Brodtkorb

Article Effects of a stable concentration of propofol on interictal high-frequency oscillations in drug-resistant epilepsy
Taku Inada, Katsuya Kobayashi, Takayuki Kikuchi, Masao Matsuhashi, Riki Matsumoto, Yuki Takahashi, Takuro Nakae, Sumiya Shibata, Yukihiro Yamao, Masako Daifu, Jumpei Togawa, Kazumichi Yoshida, Takeharu Kunieda, Katsuhiro Kobayashi, Akio Ikeda, Susumu Miyamoto

Volume 23, issue 1, February 2021

Article Post-encephalitic epilepsy in childhood: results from a prospective cohort study
Gerald Cooray, Sofia Ygberg, Åsa Fowler, Ronny Wickström

Article SEEG re-exploration in a patient with complex frontal epilepsy with rapid perisylvian propagation and mixed “startle - reflex” seizures
With Video

Mihai Dragos Maliia, Philippe Kahane, Anca Nica, Ioana Mindruta, Laura Castana, Francesco Cardinale, Stefano Francione

Article Cognitive tasks as provocation methods in routine EEG: a multicentre field study
Patricia Braga, Rüta Mameniskiené, Mirian Guaranha, Eleonora Vega Zeissig, Rüta Samaitienė, Emel Ur Özcelik, Alicia Bogacz, Katia Lin, Elena Gardella, Elza Márcia Yacubian, Betül Baykan, Mariana Legnani, Sándor Beniczky, Eglè Navickiene, Arminas Jasionis, Mariana Lunardi, Graciela Falco, Peter Wolf

En accès libre External validation of the Epilepsy Surgery Grading Scale in a Japanese cohort of patients with epilepsy
Franchesca Gabriel, Yosuke Kakisaka, Kazutaka Jin, Shin-ichiro Osawa, Masaki Iwasaki, Teiji Tominaga, Nobukazu Nakasato

Article STXBP1 germline mutation and focal cortical dysplasia
With Video

Artem Sharkov, Olivier Dulac, Svetlana Gataullina

Article Clinical experience of abrupt discontinuation of perampanel: a case series
Marko Blickhan, Tassanai Intravooth, Anke. M. Staack, Reinhold Kornmeier, Patricia Mahn, Matthias Schneider, Jakob Stockinger, Matthias Bacher, Christoph Kurth, Bernhard J. Steinhoff

Article Indications and yield of ambulatory EEG recordings
Yara Mikhaeil-Demo, Karina A. Gonzalez Otarula, Elizabeth M. Bachman, Stephan U. Schuele

Article Surgery for drug-resistant tuberous sclerosis complex-associated epilepsy: who, when, and what
Nicola Specchio, Chiara Pepi, Luca de Palma, Romina Moavero, Alessandro De Benedictis, Carlo Efisio Marras, Federico Vigevano, Paolo Curatolo

En accès libre Clinical management of voice and breathing problems in two patients with vagus nerve stimulation therapy
With Video

Sonja Alantie, Tanja Makkonen, Satu Hietala, Jukka Peltola

Article Jerking during absences: video-EEG and polygraphy of epileptic myoclonus associated with two paediatric epilepsy syndromes
With Video

Marc Abi Aoun, Monika Eisermann, Nicole Chemaly, Emma Losito, Isabelle Desguerre, Rima Nabbout, Anna Kaminska

En accès libre Identifying patients with epilepsy at high risk of cardiac death: signs, risk factors and initial management of high risk of cardiac death
Rainer Surges, Sharon Shmuely, Christoph Dietze, Philippe Ryvlin, Roland D. Thijs

Volume 22, issue 6, December 2020

Article Vomiting and retching as presenting signs of focal epilepsy in children
With Video

Marion Depermentier, Nathalie Mercier, Roberto Santalucia, Renaud Lhommel, Marie-Cécile Nassogne, Maria Roberta Cilio

En accès libre A case series of super-refractory status epilepticus successfully treated with electroconvulsive therapy
Hui Jan Tan, Tze Yuan Tee, Mazlina Husin, Ching Soong Khoo, Luke Sy-Cherng Woon

Article Complex sleep-disordered breathing after vagus nerve stimulation: broadening the spectrum of adverse events of special interest
With Video

Miguel Oliveira Santos, Carla Bentes, Tiago Teodoro, Susana Moreira, Marta Marques, Diogo Tomé, Ana Rita Peralta

En accès libre Electroencephalography: basic biophysical and technological aspects important for clinical applications
Sándor Beniczky, Donald L. Schomer

En accès libre How to distinguish seizures from non-epileptic manifestations
With Video

Annette Leibetseder, Monika Eisermann, W. Curt LaFrance Jr, Lino Nobili, Tim J. von Oertzen

En accès libre Post-ictal whistling in Lennox-Gastaut syndrome
With Video

Felipe Romero Carvajal, Ana C. Albuja, Mauricio F. Villamar

En accès libre Unilateral thalamic lesion mimicking genetic generalized epilepsy
Catherine V. Kulick-Soper, Joel M. Stein, Isaac H. Chen, Colin A. Ellis, Kathryn A. Davis

Article Encephalopathy related to status epilepticus during sleep due to a de novo KCNA1 variant in the Kv-specific Pro-Val-Pro motif: phenotypic description and remarkable electroclinical response to ACTH
Angelo Russo, Giuseppe Gobbi, Antonella Pini, Rikke Steensbjerre Møller, Guido Rubboli

Article Clinical and electrographic features of persistent seizures and status epilepticus associated with anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis (anti-NMDARE)
Jacqueline S. Gofshteyn, Anusha K. Yeshokumar, Nathalie Jette, Kiran T. Thakur, Nicole Luche, Elissa Yozawitz, Shelley Varnado, Britany Klenofsky, Mary Claire Tuohy, Jyoti Ankam, Sarah Torres, Dale Hesdorffer, Aaron Nelson, Steven Wolf, Patricia McGoldrick, Helena Yan, Natasha Basma, Zachary Grinspan

Article Mind the gap: health disparities in families living with epilepsy are significant and linked to socioeconomic status
Olivia Groover, Matthew L. Morton, Nicholas J. Janocko, Diane L. Teagarden, Hannah K. Villarreal, Daniel L. Drane, Ioannis Karakis

Article Anatomical electroclinical correlations during an SEEG-recorded seizure with autoscopic hallucination
Davide Fonti, Stanislas Lagarde, Julia Scholly, Anne Lépine, Didier Scavarada, Monica Puligheddu, Aileen McGonigal, Fabrice Bartolomei

Article Co-existence of idiopathic generalized and focal epilepsy suggested by simultaneous EEG-fMRI: a case report
Tomohiro Yamazoe, François Dubeau, Nicolás von Ellenrieder, Natalja Zazubovits, Jean Gotman

Article Benign familial infantile epilepsy associated with KCNQ3 mutation: a rare occurrence or an underestimated event?
Rosaria Nardello, Giuseppe Donato Mangano, Francesco Miceli, Antonina Fontana, Ettore Piro, Vincenzo Salpietro

Article Improved seizure burden and cognitive performance in a child treated with responsive neurostimulation (RNS) following febrile infection related epilepsy syndrome (FIRES)
Liana Theroux, Yash Shah, Yael Cukier, Shaun Rodgers, Shefali Karkare, David Bonda, Sanjeev Kothare

Volume 22, issue 5, October 2020

En accès libre How to understand and address the cultural aspects and consequences of diagnosis of epilepsy, including stigma
Patricia Braga, Hassan Hosny, Angelina Kakooza-Mwesige, Flora Rider, Manjari Tripathi, Alla Guekht

Article The COVID-19 outbreak and approaches to performing EEG in Europe
David Krysl, Sándor Beniczky, Silvana Franceschetti, Alexis Arzimanoglou

Article Correlates of intellectual development before and after hemispherotomy: an analysis of 75 children and adolescents
Christina Bajer, Wiebke Hofer, Tom Pieper, Manfred Kudernatsch, Hans Holthausen, Martin Staudt

Article True abdominal epilepsy is clonic jerking of the abdominal musculature
With Video

Kelsey B. Tatum, Stephan U. Schuele, Jessica W. Templer, Tara L. Becker, William O. Tatum

Article Seizures triggered by eating: a rare form of reflex epilepsy
With Video

Nirosen Vijiaratnam, Christine Girges, Jacqueline Idaszak, Udaya Seneviratne

Article ILAE Neuroimaging Task Force highlight: Review MRI scans with semiology in mind
Paolo Federico, Denise W. Ng, Andrea Bernasconi, Boris Bernhardt, Hal Blumenfeld, Fernando Cendes, Yotin Chinvarun, Graeme D. Jackson, Victoria Morgan, Stefan Rampp, Anna Elisabetta Vaudano, Irene Wang

Article Hippocampal deep brain stimulation: a therapeutic option in patients with extensive bilateral periventricular nodular heterotopia: a case report
Arthur Cukiert, Cristine Mella Cukiert, Jose Augusto Burattini, Pedro Paulo Mariani

Article Are Sub-Saharan epileptic people less photosensitive? A Senegalese study of photoparoxysmal response in a reference epilepsy centre
Annick Melanie Magnerou, Dènahin Hinnoutondji Toffa, Adjaratou Dieynabou Sow, Anna Basse, Lala Bouna Seck, Moustapha Ndiaye, Amadou Gallo Diop

Article Functional connectivity analysis of patients with temporal lobe epilepsy displaying different ictal propagation patterns
Nermin Gorkem Sirin, Elif Kurt, Cigdem Ulasoglu-Yildiz, Ani Kicik, Ali Bayram, Zerrin Karaaslan, Nerses Bebek, Betul Baykan, Tamer Demiralp, Candan Gurses

Article When the first seizure can be the last: ventricular fibrillation following a new-onset seizure
Anver Sethwala, Paul Sparks, Piero Perucca

En accès libre Successful epilepsy surgery for tuberous sclerosis complex evaluated by stereoelectroencephalography
With Video

Choong Yi Fong, Andrew Bleasel, Mark AJ. Dexter, John A. Lawson, Chong H. Wong

Article Frequent epileptic apnoea in a patient with Pitt-Hopkins syndrome
Hiroyuki Yamada, Akiko Tamasaki, Masayoshi Oguri, Ikumi Hori, Shinji Saitoh, Yoshihiro Maegaki

Article Response to lacosamide monotherapy in a patient with medically refractory Jeavons syndrome: a case report and review of the literature
Ifrah Zawar, Linda Franic, Elia Pestana Knight

En accès libre The brain as a complex network: assessment of EEG-based functional connectivity patterns in patients with childhood absence epilepsy
Eva Paradiž Leitgeb, Marko Šterk, Timotej Petrijan, Peter Gradišnik, Marko Gosak

En accès libre Discrimination between ictal EEG and EMG activity based on digital EEG
Norihiko Kawaguchi, Kiyohito Terada, Yukitoshi Takahashi

En accès libre Epileptic nystagmus due to a large parieto-temporo-occipital multilobar dysplasia
With Video

Harish Jayakumar, Siby Gopinath, Ashok Pillai, Anand Kumar

Article The phenotype and treatment of SCN2A-related developmental and epileptic encephalopathy
Hyo Jeong Kim, Donghwa Yang, Se Hee Kim, Borahm Kim, Heung Dong Kim, Joon Soo Lee, Jong Rak Choi, Seung-Tae Lee, Hoon-Chul Kang