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Journal de Pharmacie Clinique

Journal de Pharmacie Clinique

Knowledge sharing: the key to development

The Journal de Pharmacie Clinique is a journal with a clear objective: to share and disseminate knowledge.
Its content is structured in 5 main themes allowing to be informed about the latest advances concerning the pharmaceutical missions of the pharmacist:
- Pharmacotechnics l Production l Logistics
- Pharmaceutical care
- Teaching l Training
- Management l Organization
- Research
The editorial content of the journal will offer you, in the course of the issues, synthesis articles, original articles, congress feedbacks...
Journal de Pharmacie Clinique is also open to pharmaceutical and clinical practices in French-speaking and European countries.


Volume 41, issue 4, Décembre 2022

Éditorial / Editorial

En accès libre Periodic accreditation of pharmacists: Obvious!
Antoine Pr Dupuis, André Rieutord
Free Access

Synthèse / Review

En accès libre Feedback from a university hospital one year after the “simplified” reform of early and expanded access programm: a growing complexity for health professionals
Margaux Renne, Geoffroy Maquin, Delphine Rosant, Maxime Villiet, Aurélie Seron
Free Access

Articles originaux / Original articles

Article Therapeutic optimization in patients in acute geriatric care at University Hospital of Montpellier: follow-up one month after discharge from hospital
Chloé Estournet, Guillaume Desplan, Delinger Doize-Faure

Article Roles and perceptions of hospital pharmacists in the dispensing of ambulatory oral oncology therapies in Europe and North America: an exploratory study
Charlotte Jacolin, Jean-François Delisle, Jean-François Bussières

Retour d'expériences / Feedback

Article Assessment of professional practices regarding thrombo embolic events care for patients suffering from cancer in a private hospital, based on prescription and discharge letter compliance
Agnès Berneron, Dodji Semenou, Sandro Aquilanti, Clémence Bocquet, Pauline Vergriete, Emélie Callens

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