Politiques et Management Public

Politiques et Management Public

Since it was founded in 1983 by Patrick Gibert and Jean-Claude Thoenig, the journal Politiques et Management Public has aimed to publish research that provides a scientific account of all aspects of the functioning and development of public organisations in the broadest sense - the State and local authorities, hospital administrations, agencies, public and concessionary companies, associations, etc. - as well as the development and transformation of public action, whether sectoral or cross-sectoral, European, national or local. A quarterly academic journal run by an editorial board, Politiques et Management Public aims to promote diversity and originality of approach, whether empirical, theoretical, national or comparative, single or multidisciplinary. Through its publications and the organisation of meetings, the journal aims to stimulate debate on changes in public organisations, developments in their management and traditional or renewed forms of public action.

Politiques et Management Public is aimed not only at academics but also at a wide audience of political, administrative and community leaders.

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