If medicinal plants, phytotherapy or aromatherapy are part of your daily practice: PHYTOTHÉRAPIE journal is the reference tool you need. PHYTOTHÉRAPIE is the only continuing medical education magazine for all healthcare professionals in this field, publishing in both French and English.

PHYTOTHÉRAPIE journal bridges the gap between the world of research and practitioners in the field. Under the responsibility of its editors, assisted by an editorial board made up of leading French-speaking specialists, PHYTOTHÉRAPIE magazine publishes scientific articles by both academics and recognized practitioners.

PHYTOTHÉRAPIE covers all aspects of the use of plants for human and animal health. The magazine covers all areas of phytotherapy - ethnopharmacology, pharmacognosy, nutraceuticals, galenics and clinical. It includes medical monographs, phytonews, conference proceedings and training agendas.