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Néphrologie & Thérapeutique

Official journal of the French-speaking society of nephrology, dialysis and transplantation (SFNDT) and of the French society of paediatric nephrology, Néphrologie & Thérapeutique publishes articles updating knowledge in nephrology: recommendations of good clinical practice, original research, or professional information from the two founding societies. The variety of topics covered reflects the richness of nephrology, whether fundamental aspects of physiology, immunology, pathology, or genetics, or subjects of clinical nephrology, especially those related to nephrological therapeutics, transplantation, haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis.


Volume 20, issue 1, February 2024

Articles originaux

Article Characteristics and prognosis of acute renal failure on dialysis in ANCA vasculitis
Siham Azria, Hafedh Fessi, Jean-Jacques Boffa, Pierre-Antoine Michel

En accès libre Geographical access to hemodialysis: an analysis of patient choices
Bénédicte Devictor, Adeline Crémades, Ghizlane Izaaryene, Franck Mazoue, Philippe Brunet, Stéphanie Gentile
Free Access

Article Access to kidney transplantation for patients with end-stage renal failure in Maghreb countries: state of art and recommendations
Marie-Alice Macher, Mohamed Mongi Bacha, Amel Soualmia, Inass Laouad, Imen Sfar, Christian Jacquelinet, Fateh Meçabih, Said Younous, Rached Bayar, Jalel Ziadi, Abed El Kader Nebab, Naïma Barry, Hélène Nouvellon, Agathe Gozzerino, Laurent Durin, Taieb Ben Abdallah, Michel Tsimaratos

Article Standardization of the management of rheumatoid purpura nephropathy in the West of France. What are the repercussions on the renal sequelae?
Margaux Salmon, Chloé Rousseau, Gwenaëlle Roussey, Nadine Jay, Sylvie Cloarec, Maud Injeyan, Amélie Ryckewaert, Sophie Taque

Mise au point

Article Diagnosis and management of pruritus associated with chronic kidney disease in hemodialyzed patients
Antoine Lanot, Laurent Misery, Guy Rostoker, Angelo Testa, Philippe Chauveau, Maxime Touzot, Nans Florens, Pierre Bataille

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Amélioration de l’accès préemptif à la liste d’attente de transplantation rénale entre 2017 et 2021 : bilan d’un programme régional en Aquitaine

By Mathilde Prezelin-Reydit, Karine Moreau, Frederic Jambon, Eric Alezra, Grégoire Robert, Jean-Christophe Bernhard, Savva Assatourian, Cécile Degryse, Noëlle Boulonne, Arlette Communier, Brigitte Bonpunt, Benjamin Daviller, Olivier Delorme, Xabina Larre, Hannah Kaminski, Karen Leffondré, Pierre Merville, Lionel Couzi
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