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Seminars in Epileptology

Seminars in Epileptology are articles of high didactic value that are relevant to general neurologists and child neurologists, and focus on general knowledge or everyday clinical practice and care.

Ahead of print

En accès libre Acute symptomatic seizures: an educational, evidence-based review
Matthias Mauritz, Lawrence J Hirsch, Peter Camfield, Richard Chin, Raffaele Nardone, Simona Lattanzi, Eugen Trinka

En accès libre Epilepsy in adults with neurodevelopmental disability - what every neurologist should know
Lance V. Watkins, Christine Linehan, Christian Brandt, Francesca Snoeijen-Schouwenaars, Paula McGowan, Rohit Shankar

Volume 23, issue 4, August 2021

En accès libre Management of a first unprovoked epileptic seizure in adolescence and adulthood
Ana Catarina Franco, Sara Parreira, Carla Bentes, José Pimentel

Volume 23, issue 3, June 2021

En accès libre Electroclinical markers to differentiate between focal and generalized epilepsies
Sharika Raga, Sylvain Rheims, Nicola Specchio, Jo M. Wilmshurst

Volume 23, issue 1, February 2021

En accès libre Identifying patients with epilepsy at high risk of cardiac death: signs, risk factors and initial management of high risk of cardiac death
Rainer Surges, Sharon Shmuely, Christoph Dietze, Philippe Ryvlin, Roland D. Thijs

En accès libre Developmental and epileptic encephalopathies: recognition and approaches to care
Sharika Raga, Nicola Specchio, Sylvain Rheims, Jo M. Wilmshurst

En accès libre The aetiologies of epilepsy
Simona Balestrini, Alexis Arzimanoglou, Ingmar Blümcke, Ingrid E. Scheffer, Samuel Wiebe, Johan Zelano, Matthew C. Walker

Volume 22, issue 6, December 2020

En accès libre How to distinguish seizures from non-epileptic manifestations
With Video

Annette Leibetseder, Monika Eisermann, W. Curt LaFrance Jr, Lino Nobili, Tim J. von Oertzen

En accès libre Electroencephalography: basic biophysical and technological aspects important for clinical applications
Sándor Beniczky, Donald L. Schomer

Volume 22, issue 5, October 2020

En accès libre How to understand and address the cultural aspects and consequences of diagnosis of epilepsy, including stigma
Patricia Braga, Hassan Hosny, Angelina Kakooza-Mwesige, Flora Rider, Manjari Tripathi, Alla Guekht

Volume 22, issue 4, August 2020

En accès libre Testing blood and CSF in people with epilepsy: a practical guide
Fiona Sutton, Diana Barca, Ilia Komoltsev, Dana Craiu, Alla Guekht, Tim von Oertzen, Hannah R. Cock

En accès libre MRI essentials in epileptology: a review from the ILAE Imaging Taskforce
Irene Wang, Andrea Bernasconi, Boris Bernhardt, Hal Blumenfeld, Fernando Cendes, Yotin Chinvarun, Graeme Jackson, Victoria Morgan, Stefan Rampp, Anna Elisabetta Vaudano, Paolo Federico

En accès libre Living safely with epilepsy: a key learning review
Andrés Bertinat, Mike Kerr, Joyce A. Cramer, Patricia Braga

En accès libre How to diagnose and classify idiopathic (genetic) generalized epilepsies
Ayse Deniz Elmali, Stéphane Auvin, Thomas Bast, Guido Rubboli, Michalis Koutroumanidis

Volume 22, issue 3, June 2020

En accès libre How to diagnose and treat post-stroke seizures and epilepsy
Johan Zelano, Martin Holtkamp, Nivedita Agarwal, Simona Lattanzi, Eugen Trinka, Francesco Brigo

Volume 22, issue 2, April 2020

En accès libre The role of EEG in patients with suspected epilepsy
Selim R. Benbadis, Sándor Beniczky, Edward Bertram, Stephanie MacIver, Solomon L. Moshé

Volume 22, issue 1, February 2020

En accès libre Epilepsy and cannabidiol: a guide to treatment
Alexis Arzimanoglou, Ulrich Brandl, J. Helen Cross, Antonio Gil-Nagel, Lieven Lagae, Cecilie Johannessen Landmark, Nicola Specchio, Rima Nabbout, Elizabeth A. Thiele, Oliver Gubbay and other members of the Cannabinoids International Experts Panel

En accès libre The importance of semiological information based on epileptic seizure history
Peter Wolf, Selim Benbadis, Petia S. Dimova, Kollencheri Puthenveettil Vinayan, Rosa Michaelis, Markus Reuber, Elza Márcia Yacubian

Volume 21, issue 6, December 2019

En accès libre The aetiology of psychogenic non-epileptic seizures: risk factors and comorbidities
Stoyan Popkirov, Ali A. Asadi-Pooya, Roderick Duncan, David Gigineishvili, Coraline Hingray, Andres Miguel Kanner, W. Curt LaFrance Jr., Chrisma Pretorius, Markus Reuber

En accès libre The localizing value of epileptic auras: pitfalls in semiology and involved networks
Angelo Russo, Anca Adriana Arbune, Lalit Bansal, Ioanna Mindruta, Giuseppe Gobbi, Michael Duchowny

Volume 20, issue 2, April 2018

En accès libre The 2017 ILAE classification of seizure types and the epilepsies: what do people with epilepsy and their caregivers need to know?
Martin J. Brodie, Sameer M. Zuberi, Ingrid E. Scheffer, Robert S. Fisher

Volume 19, issue 4, December 2017

En accès libre The role of EEG in the diagnosis and classification of the epilepsy syndromes: a tool for clinical practice by the ILAE Neurophysiology Task Force (Part 2)
Michalis Koutroumanidis, Alexis Arzimanoglou, Roberto Caraballo, Sushma Goyal, Anna Kaminska, Pramote Laoprasert, Hirokazu Oguni, Guido Rubboli, William Tatum, Pierre Thomas, Eugen Trinka, Luca Vignatelli, Solomon L. Moshé

Volume 19, issue 3, September 2017

En accès libre The role of EEG in the diagnosis and classification of the epilepsy syndromes: a tool for clinical practice by the ILAE Neurophysiology Task Force (Part 1)
Michalis Koutroumanidis, Alexis Arzimanoglou, Roberto Caraballo, Sushma Goyal, Anna Kaminska, Pramote Laoprasert, Hirokazu Oguni, Guido Rubboli, William Tatum, Pierre Thomas, Eugen Trinka, Luca Vignatelli, Solomon L Moshé

Volume 19, issue 1, March 2017

En accès libre Sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP): what every neurologist should know
Rohit Shankar, Elizabeth J. Donner, Brendan McLean, Lina Nashef, Torbjörn Tomson

Volume 18, issue 4, December 2016

En accès libre Psychogenic non-epileptic seizures
Robert C. Doss, W. Curt LaFrance Jr.

Volume 18, issue 3, September 2016

En accès libre Treatment of epilepsy in adults
Evren Burakgazi, Jacqueline A. French

En accès libre Using anxiolytics in epilepsy: neurobiological, neuropharmacological and clinical aspects
Marco Mula

Volume 18, issue 2, June 2016

En accès libre Surgery for epilepsy: a systematic review of current evidence
Siobhan West, Sarah J. Nolan, Richard Newton

Volume 17, issue 4, December 2015

En accès libre Epileptic auras: phenomenology and neurophysiologyEpileptic auras
Ghazala Perven, Norman K So

Volume 17, issue 3, September 2015

En accès libre The natural history and prognosis of epilepsy
Ettore Beghi, Giorgia Giussani, Josemir W. Sander

En accès libre Treatable newborn and infant seizures due to inborn errors of metabolism
Jaume Campistol, Barbara Plecko

Volume 17, issue 2, June 2015

En accès libre Febrile seizures and genetic epilepsy with febrile seizures plus (GEFS+)
Peter Camfield, Carol Camfield

En accès libre Incidence, prevalence and aetiology of seizures and epilepsy in children
Peter Camfield, Carol Camfield

Volume 17, issue 1, March 2015

En accès libre Concept of epilepsy surgery and presurgical evaluation
Chaturbhuj Rathore, Kurupath Radhakrishnan

En accès libre Management of epilepsy in resource-limited settings
Roberto Caraballo, Natalio Fejerman

Volume 16, issue 4, December 2014

En accès libre The clinical pharmacology of traditional antiepileptic drugs
Frank J.E. Vajda, Mervyn J. Eadie

En accès libre Interactions between antiepileptic drugs, and between antiepileptic drugs and other drugs
Gaetano Zaccara, Emilio Perucca

Volume 16, issue 3, September 2014

En accès libre Intraoperative ElectroCorticoGraphy (ECog): indications, techniques, and utility in epilepsy surgery
Tong Yang, Shahin Hakimian, Theodore H. Schwartz

En accès libre History of epilepsy: nosological concepts and classification
Peter Wolf