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Epileptic Disorders

Epileptic Disorders is the leading forum where all experts and medical studentswho wish to improve their understanding of epilepsy and related disorders can share practical experiences surrounding diagnosis and care, natural history, and management of seizures.
Epileptic Disorders is the official E-journal of the International League Against Epilepsy for educational communication. As the journal celebrates its 20th anniversary, it will now be available only as an online version. Its mission is to create educational links between epileptologists and other health professionals in clinical practice and scientists or physicians in research-based institutions. This change is accompanied by an increase in the number of issues per year, from 4 to 6, to ensure regular diffusion of recently published material (high quality Review and Seminar in Epileptology papers; Original Research articles or Case reports of educational value; MultiMedia Teaching Material), to serve the global medical community that cares for those affected by epilepsy.


Ahead of print

Original article

Indications and yield of ambulatory EEG recordings
Yara Mikhaeil-Demo, Karina A. Gonzalez Otarula, Elizabeth M. Bachman, Stephan U. Schuele
Online since 25/02/2021

Measurable outcomes for pediatric epileptic encephalopathy: a single-center experience with corticosteroid therapy
Jacqueline S. Gofshteyn, Kevin Gurcharran K., Belinda O. Marquis, Jacqueline Lamothe J., Dena Gourley, Zachary Grinspan, Srishti Nangia
Online since 25/02/2021

Analysis of surgical strategies for children with epileptic spasms
Yiou Liu, Wenjing Zhou, Bo Hong, Haixiang Wang, Jiuluan Lin, Zhaohui Sun, Siyu Wang
Online since 20/02/2021

Relationship between seizure type, metabolic profile, and inflammatory markers in blood samples of patients with epilepsy
Aline Kegler, Eduardo T. Pascotini, Ana Letícia Fornari Caprara, Josi Arend, Patricia Gabbi, Marta MMF. Duarte, Luiz Fernando Freire Royes, Michele Rechia Fighera
Online since 20/02/2021

External validation of the Epilepsy Surgery Grading Scale in a Japanese cohort of patients with epilepsy
Franchesca Gabriel, Yosuke Kakisaka, Kazutaka Jin, Shin-ichiro Osawa, Masaki Iwasaki, Teiji Tominaga, Nobukazu Nakasato
Online since 12/02/2021

Clinical commentary

Photoparoxysmal response in ADCK3 autosomal recessive ataxia: a case report and literature review
Sara Uccella, Livia Pisciotta, Mariasavina Severino, Enrico Bertini, Thea Giacomini, Ginevra Zanni, Giulia Prato, Elisa De Grandis, Lino Nobili, Maria Margherita Mancardi
Online since 25/02/2021

Clinical experience of abrupt discontinuation of perampanel: a case series
Marko Blickhan, Tassanai Intravooth, Anke. M. Staack, Reinhold Kornmeier, Patricia Mahn, Matthias Schneider, Jakob Stockinger, Matthias Bacher, Christoph Kurth, Bernhard J. Steinhoff
Online since 20/02/2021

Television-induced electronegative photoparoxysmal response: an extratemporal seizure mimic?
Gabriel Calado, Nimit Desai, Dorothee Kasteleijn, William O. Tatum
Online since 20/02/2021

Electroclinical reasoning report

SEEG re-exploration in a patient with complex frontal epilepsy with rapid perisylvian propagation and mixed “startle - reflex” seizures
Mihai Dragos Maliia, Philippe Kahane, Anca Nica, Ioana Mindruta, Laura Castana, Francesco Cardinale, Stefano Francione
Online since 25/02/2021

Multimedia teaching material

Snoring-related artifact: scalp EEG correlate of historical “limbic spindles”
Zubeda Sheikh
Online since 20/02/2021