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Epileptic Disorders

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Epileptic Disorders

Epileptic Disorders is the leading forum where all experts and medical studentswho wish to improve their understanding of epilepsy and related disorders can share practical experiences surrounding diagnosis and care, natural history, and management of seizures.
Epileptic Disorders is the official E-journal of the International League Against Epilepsy for educational communication. As the journal celebrates its 20th anniversary, it will now be available only as an online version. Its mission is to create educational links between epileptologists and other health professionals in clinical practice and scientists or physicians in research-based institutions. This change is accompanied by an increase in the number of issues per year, from 4 to 6, to ensure regular diffusion of recently published material (high quality Review and Seminar in Epileptology papers; Original Research articles or Case reports of educational value; MultiMedia Teaching Material), to serve the global medical community that cares for those affected by epilepsy.


Ahead of print

Original article

Benign Rolandic epilepsy: widespread increases in connectivity in a focal epilepsy syndrome
Ramya Ghantasala, Gregory L. Holmes
Online since 13/12/2019

ILAE report

Management of epilepsy in pregnancy: a report from the International League Against Epilepsy Task Force on Women and Pregnancy
Torbjörn Tomson, Dina Battino, Rebecca Bromley, Silvia Kochen, Kimford Meador, Page Pennell, Sanjeev V. Thomas
Online since 30/11/2019

Clinical commentary

Ictal asystole with intercurrent cardiopathy: a complex combination leading to delayed diagnosis
Dènahin Hinnoutondji Toffa, Raluca Pana, Dang Khoa Nguyen
Online since 13/12/2019

Seminar in Epileptology

The localizing value of epileptic auras: pitfalls in semiology and involved networks
Angelo Russo, Anca Adriana Arbune, Lalit Bansal, Ioanna Mindruta, Giuseppe Gobbi, Michael Duchowny
Online since 12/12/2019