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Sciences sociales et santé

Sciences sociales et santé

Sciences Sociales et Santé offers a quarterly overview of the major health issues: controlling health expenditure, reimbursement of medical expenses, analysis of health care systems, Aids, handicaps.
Each article appears with a commentary by a specialist in another discipline. The journal thus enables a genuine interdisciplinary debate to take place and constitutes a forum for exchanges between those responsible for health care in France and abroad.


Volume 40, issue 3, Septembre 2022

Sciences Sociales et Santé

Article Community health workers in Senegal. Unity and segmentation of a semi-professional group in rural and peri-urban areas
Abdoulaye Moussa Diallo, Ivan Sainsaulieu

Article Invariants historiques des défis de la santé communautaire face aux urgences en Afrique (Commentaire)
Valéry Ridde, Fatoumata Hane

Article Communication phenomena in public adult psychiatry centers: forms, innovations and issues
Lise Demailly, Héloïse Haliday

Article La coordination de l’accompagnement en santé mentale : perte du monopole psychiatrique et nouvelle place des personnes accompagnées (Commentaire)
Delphine Moreau

Article When the removal from the medical norm questions the intimate norms: the example of coitus interruptus
Cécile Thomé

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