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Sciences sociales et santé

Sciences sociales et santé

Sciences Sociales et Santé offers a quarterly overview of the major health issues: controlling health expenditure, reimbursement of medical expenses, analysis of health care systems, Aids, handicaps.
Each article appears with a commentary by a specialist in another discipline. The journal thus enables a genuine interdisciplinary debate to take place and constitutes a forum for exchanges between those responsible for health care in France and abroad.


Volume 40, issue 4, Décembre 2022

Sciences Sociales et Santé

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Article “We wanted to rock the house”
Martine Bungener, Sébastien Darbon, Marcel Goldberg, Janine Pierret

Article Disciplinary horizons and main themes of Sciences Sociales et Santé (1994-2021)
Patrick Castel, Jean-Philippe Cointet, Pascale Bourret

Article Dossier. La pluridisciplinarité en santé : quel bilan ? Quelles perspectives ?
Madeleine Akrich, Églantine Armand-Rastano, Nathalie Bajos, Janine Barbot, François Beck, Sylvain Bertschy, Linda Cambon, Alice Desclaux, Tania Dos Santos, Cécile Durand, Cécile Fournier, Delphine Gardey, Sébastien Gardon, Amandine Gautier, Maud Gelly, Gabriel Girard, Baptiste Godrie, Moritz Hunsmann, Yves-Gabriel Kerisit, Thierry Lang, Brice Laurent, Solenne Larrère, Borhane Slama, Judith Wolf

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