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Sciences sociales et santé

Sciences sociales et santé

Sciences Sociales et Santé offers a quarterly overview of the major health issues: controlling health expenditure, reimbursement of medical expenses, analysis of health care systems, Aids, handicaps.
Each article appears with a commentary by a specialist in another discipline. The journal thus enables a genuine interdisciplinary debate to take place and constitutes a forum for exchanges between those responsible for health care in France and abroad.


Volume 39, issue 4, Décembre 2021

Sciences Sociales et Santé

Article Local Coordination Dynamics in Long Term Care: Professional Recompositions Surrounding Case Management
Arnaud Campéon, Blanche Le Bihan, Alis Sopadzhiyan

Article La gestion de cas : les aléas d’une fonction au cœur de la complexité des parcours de soins
Céline Delecluse

Article How the perception of a virus has shifted as a result of its vaccine? The management of HPV and associated pathologies in Belgium
Margaux Nève

Article Un cancer infectieux ?Comment la mise en évidence du lien entre HPV et cancer du col a changé la perception de ce cancer et les pratiques de santé publique
Ilana Löwy

Article Engaging in a TPE program in oncology: The effects of socializations and in-session interactions on the forms and meanings of engagement
Lucie Forté, Émilie Gaborit, Philippe Terral

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