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Hématologie, the journal of the French Haematology Society (SFH), provides an invaluable link between all the biomedical disciplines involved in haematology. It has established its position as a major French-language journal aimed at both clinicians and researchers.
Haematology is a rapidly developing area and our journal keeps pace with the changes. With this new format, the Editorial Board wanted to offer readers an even greater focus on clinical matters, a larger board and new sections including "Residents' Corner" and "How do I treat…"
Hématologie presents articles written by top oncology and haematology authors. As well as the six current issues, readers have access to reports from all the big national and international congresses.

Some articles of the journal are published in English, you will find them in the English e-section.


English e-section

Ahead of print

En accès libre New molecular classifications of diffuse large-cell lymphomas
Fabrice Jardin
Open Access

En accès libre Next-generation sequencing in patients with hairy cell leukaemia (HCL)
Margaux Wiber, Elsa Maitre, Xavier Troussard
Open Access

En accès libre Occupational exposure and risk of lymphomas
Jérôme Paillassa, Audrey Petit
Open Access

En accès libre Personalised treatment for haemophilia
Yesim Dargaud
Open Access

En accès libre End-of-life platelet transfusion in haematological malignancies: a review
Julie Moracchini, Audrey Seigeot, Étienne Daguindau, Aurélie Godard-Marceau, Régis Aubry, Sandra Frache
Open Access

En accès libre Congenital factor XIII deficiency: diagnosis, prevalence and treatment modalities in 2020
Lucia Rugeri, Séverine Bouttefroy, Émilie Jousselme, Christophe Nougier, Sandrine Meunier
Open Access

En accès libre The genomic landscape of adult B-cell precursor acute lymphoblastic leukaemia
Marie Passet, Ibrahima Ba, Emmanuelle Clappier
Open Access

Article Pathophysiology and abnormalities of haemostasis in intensive care patients with COVID-19
Bérangère Joly, Nicolas Béranger, Maxime Delrue, Marie Neuwirth, Nathalie Itzhar-Baïkian, Arezki Hadj-Ali, Alain Stepanian, Agnes Veyradier, Virginie Siguret

Article Germline RUNX1 mutations/deletions and genetic predisposition to haematological malignancies
Iléana Antony-Debré, Nicolas Duployez

En accès libre Sialylation and thrombocytopenia
Dominique Lasne, Delphine Borgel, Alexandre Kauskot
Open Access

En accès libre Biological aspects of minimal residual disease in acute leukaemia
Claude Preudhomme, Adriana Plesa, Christophe Roumier
Open Access

Article Breast implant-associated anaplastic large-cell lymphoma: from diagnosis to molecular sequencing
Camille Laurent, Corinne Haioun, Philippe Gaulard