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Occupational exposure and risk of lymphomas Ahead of print


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1 Service des maladies du sang, CHU d’Angers, France
2 Centre de consultations de pathologie professionnelle du CHU d’Angers, France
3 Inserm, U1085, Irset, équipe Ester, université d’Angers, France
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Little is known about the risk factors and causes of haematological malignancies, in particular lymphomas. While certain risk factors have been identified, such as HIV and Helicobacter pylori infections, factors linked to occupational exposure have been the subject of numerous epidemiological studies since the 1980s. Pesticides and organic solvents have been the most studied to date, and farming has been identified as the most affected occupation. In this mini-review, we present a summary of data from the literature on occupational exposure and the risk of lymphomas. We set out the main factors that have been proposed and studied. Our review reveals that many of these studies have limitations and biases, sometimes making them difficult to interpret and conclusions hard to draw. Finally, we highlight the recognition of lymphomas in terms of occupational disease.

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