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Gériatrie et Psychologie Neuropsychiatrie du Vieillissement

Gériatrie et Psychologie Neuropsychiatrie du  Vieillissement

Volume 19, issue 1, Mars 2021


Volume 19, issue 1, Mars 2021

Gériatrie et gérontologie. Éditorial

En accès libre From the testimony of the action towards a charter mobilised by local ethical committee in long-term care (p.5-6)
Fabrice Gzil, Gilles Berrut
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Gériatrie et gérontologie. Hommage

Article Hommage (p.8)
Olivier Guérin

Gériatrie et gérontologie. Manifeste

En accès libre Statement for the rights of the elderly (p.9-19)
Sophie Moulias, Gilles Berrut, Nathalie Salles, Jean-Pierre Aquino, Olivier Guérin, Robert Moulias
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Gériatrie et gérontologie. Synthèses

En accès libre Vitamin D supplementation and COVID-19: expert consensus and guidelines (p.20-9)
Cédric Annweiler, Jean-Claude Souberbielle
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Article Frailty, depression and prognosis after transcatheter aortic valve replacement: a review of the literature (p.30-41)
Manuela Dalberto, Stéphanie Miot, Florence Leclercq, Hubert Blain

Gériatrie et gérontologie. Articles originaux

Article Interest of ambulatory management of patients with chronic heart failure by protocolized follow-up and therapeutic education: results of the USICAR experiment (p.42-52)
Anne Jenneve, Guy Coudrier, Samy Talha, Noel Lorenzo Villalba, François Séverac, Abrar Ahmad Zulfiqar, Patrick Arnold, Philippe Lang, Gérald Roul, Emmanuel Andrès

Article Do clinical pharmacy activities have an impact on the re-hospitalization rate of elderly patients admitted in an Elderly Emergency Medicine (EMM) unit for fall? (p.53-61)
Alice Clementz, Jérémy Jost, Aurore Lacour, Voa Ratsimbazafy, Achille Tchalla

Article Study of a tool supporting the community-hospital link, the Central Hospital Group's geriatric hotline, over a period of 6 months (p.62-9)
Florence Benoist, Géraldine Martin-Gaujard, Marc Bonnefoy

Gériatrie et gérontologie. Livres

Article Analyse de livre (p.70)
Clara Bosse, Gilles Berrut

Psychologie et neuropsychiatrie. Éditorial

En accès libre Editorial (p.71)
Christian Derouesné
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Psychologie et neuropsychiatrie. Synthèses

En accès libre Sleep apnea and cognitive impairment: Myth or reality? (p.72-80)
Kiyoka Kinugawa
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Article Ivan Pavlov (1849-1935): His life and conditional reflexes story revisited (p.81-92)
Christian Derouesné

Psychologie et neuropsychiatrie. Articles originaux

Article Professional exhaustion among caregivers in nursing homes raises the perception of residents’ aggressiveness and poor quality of caregiver-resident relationship (p.93-101)
Sophie Arnaudeau, Émilie Berdoulat, Caroline Poulet

Article « Forum Passerelle »: an opportunity for caregivers to meet the professionals of service and support in Alzheimer's disease and related diseases. (p.102-9)
Teddy Novais, Elyse Vanhems, Marielle Baritel, Anne-Cécile Nier, Anna Kyprianou, Blandine Buisson, Solveig Rouissi, Gaëlle Richard, Pierre Krolak-Salmon, Marie-Hélène Coste, Laure Loin

Article Therapy based on positive self-defining memories for older women with depressive disorder and associated ruminations: A pilot study (p.110-9)
Emeline Spor, Carole Lef�vre

Psychologie et neuropsychiatrie. Agenda

Article Agenda (p.120)