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Epileptic Disorders

The Educational Journal of the

Volume 20, issue 6, December 2018


En accès libre A new home for the Genetic Literacy series (p.456)
Nigel CK. Tan, Samuel F. Berkovic, Daniel H. Lowenstein
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Original articles

Article Early and long-term electroclinical features of patients with epilepsy and PCDH19 mutation (p.457-67)
Nicole Chemaly, Emma Losito, Jean Marc Pinard, Agnès Gautier, Nathalie Villeneuve, Anne Sophie Arbues, Isabelle An, Isabelle Desguerre, Olivier Dulac, Catherine Chiron, Anna Kaminska, Rima Nabbout

Article Rasmussen syndrome: an atypical presentation in ten patients (p.468-78)
Roberto H. Caraballo, Gabriela Reyes Valenzuela, Juan Pociecha, Juan P. Princich, Robinson Gutierrez, Lucas Beltran, Fabiana Lubieniecki, Marcelo Bartuluchi

Article The electroclinical features of idiopathic generalized epilepsy patients presenting with fixation-off sensitivity (p.479-89)
Xiaoli Wang, Ying Zhang, Wenjuan Zhang, Chenxi Shen, Lang Jin, Beibei Chen, Zhao Jiang, James X. Tao, Yonghong Liu
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Article Epileptology of the first tonic-clonic seizure in adults and prediction of seizure recurrence (p.490-501)
Michalis Koutroumanidis, Elisa Bruno

Article De novo absence status epilepticus in three paediatric patients: a new idiopathic epilepsy syndrome? (p.502-7)
Roberto H. Caraballo, Santiago Chacón, Lorena Fasulo, Claudio Bedoya

Article The natural history of nodding syndrome (p.508-16)
Richard Idro, Rodney Ogwang, Edward Kayongo, Norbert Gumisiriza, Agnes Lanyero, Angelina Kakooza-Mwesige, Bernard Opar

Article Improved decision-making and psychophysiological responses in mesial temporal lobe epilepsy after anterior temporal lobectomy (p.517-24)
Serra Sandor, Şakir Delil, Selin Yağcı, Bektaş Korkmaz, S. Naz Yeni

Clinical commentaries

Article Faciobrachial dystonic seizures expressed as epileptic spasms, followed by focal seizures in anti-LGI1 encephalitis: a video-polygraphic study (p.525-9)
Giuseppe d’Orsi, Tommaso Martino, Alessandra Lalla, Maria Teresa Di Claudio, Elena Carapelle, Carlo Avolio
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Article Intractable apnoeic seizures in a child with a deletion typically associated with Williams syndrome (p.530-4)
Saber Jan, Ayako Ochi, Kota Kagawa, Peter Gill, Astrid Guttmann, Hiroshi Otsubo, Jeff Kobayashi
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Article Under-reporting of nocturnal seizures using video-based home monitoring: a case study on the evaluation of the effect of vagal nerve stimulation (p.535-40)
Stefano Peciola, Sari-Leena Himanen, Andrew Knight, Maxine Dibué-Adjei, Sirpa Rainesalo, Jukka Peltola
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Article KCNQ2 mutation in an infant with encephalopathy of infancy with migrating focal seizures (p.541-4)
Alexander Freibauer, Kevin Jones

Article Hemiconvulsion-Hemiplegia-Epilepsy in a girl with cobalamin C deficiency (p.545-50)
Kenneth A. Myers, Roy WR. Dudley, Myriam Srour

Article Cortical surface intracranial electrodes identify clinically relevant seizures missed on scalp EEG after traumatic intracranial hemorrhage (p.551-6)
Chris R. Marcellino, Samuel Lapalme-Remis, Alejandro A. Rabinstein, Jamie J. Van Gompel, Gregory A. Worrell, Eric T. Payne, Sara Hocker

Article Juvenile absence epilepsy relapsing as recurrent absence status, mimicking transient global amnesia, in an elderly patient (p.557-61)
Lorenzo Muccioli, Laura Licchetta, Carlotta Stipa, Paolo Tinuper, Francesca Bisulli

Letter to the editor

En accès libre Neurosyphilis: a masked evildoer (p.562)
Adam Włodarczyk, Joanna Szarmach, Mariusz S. Wiglusz
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Book review

En accès libre Aicardi's Diseases of the Nervous System in Childhood; 4th Edition (p.563-4)
Ishaq Abu-Arafeh
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List of reviewers in 2018

En accès libre List of reviewers for manuscripts published in 2018 (p.565)

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