European Journal of Dermatology

European Journal of Dermatology

Volume 7, issue 4, June 1997


Volume 7, issue 4, June 1997

Article revue

Article The use of genetically engineered mice in immunodermatology (p.247-50)
P. Musette, G. Gachelin

Gènes et peau

Article Mammo-renal and acro-mammo-renal syndromes. A nosologic approach, synopsis and update (p.251-6)
C.E. Urbani, R. Betti

Article Hypertrichosis cubiti: disappearance of an hereditary trait with age (p.257-8)
V. Di Lernia, R. Happle


Article DNA-protection by sunscreens: p53-immunostaining (p.259-62)
G. Krekels, C. Voorter, F. Kuik, M. Verhaegh, F. Ramaekers, M. Neumann

Article HIV-type 1 induces specific cytoskeleton alterations in human epithelial cells in culture (p.263-9)
W. Malorni, G. Guiducci, G. Pasquinelli, R. Rivabene, M.C. Re, E. Ramazzotti, M. De Luca, M. La Placa, G. Cenacchi

Article Long term culture of normal skin to test the efficacy of a hydroxy acid-containing cream (p.271-3)
S. Boisnic, M.-C. Branchet-Gumila, L. Benslama, Y. Le Charpentier, J. Arnaud-Battandier


Article Treatment of psoriasis with calcipotriol: time of onset and healing of relapses (p.275-8)
B. Giannotti, P. Carli, C. Varotti, I. Neri

Article Treatment of benign venous malformations with an intense pulsed light source (PhotoDerm®VL) (p.279-82)
C. Raulin, S.J. Raulin, S. Hellwig, M.P. Schönermark

Cas cliniques

Article Clinicopathological aspects of HTLV-1 positive and negative cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (p.283-9)
A.L. Bittencourt, H.S. Barbosa, C. Brites, N. Ferraz, V. Freitas, C. Sampaio Jr, W. Harrington Jr

Article Lymphomatoid papulosis in children (p.291-4)
K. Towyama, Y. Tokura, H. Yagi, F. Furukawa, M. Takigawa

Article Rapid identification of Mycobacterium marinum by comparative 16S-rRNA-gene analysis in five cases of progredient cutaneous infections (p.295-9)
A. Steitz, A. Feddersen, C. Freytag, S. Daniello, R.E. Schopf, W.O. Böcher, S. Bhakdi, M. Husmann

Article Linear focal elastosis (p.300-2)
J. Kanitakis, B. Chouvet, M. Dupin, A. Flechaire, P. Combemale

Article The loss of HLA-DR antigen expression by epidermal Langerhans cell in disseminated superficial porokeratosis (p.303-4)
M. Abe, O. Ishikawa, Y. Miyachi

Article Penile cytomegalovirus ulceration in AIDS (p.305-6)
S. Laglenne, C. Picard-Dahan, M.-H. André, Y. Veran, M. Grossin, S. Belaïch

Article Disseminated Kaposi’s sarcoma after long-term prednisone therapy (p.307-10)
Z. Starzycki, J. Bogdaszewska-Czabanowska, J. Zeman, K. Szmigiel-Michalak

Article Cutaneous macroglobulinemia: successful treatment with oral cyclophosphamide (p.311-3)
H. Kishimoto, T. Katoh, I. Katayama, K. Nishioka

Votre diagnostic !

Article Porokeratosis of Mibelli on the sole (p.314)
M.H. Grunwald, A. Lazarov, H. Giryes, S. Halevy

Article Skin metastasis of renal cell carcinoma (p.315-6)
H. Kishimoto, T. Katoh, K. Nishioka