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L'Information Psychiatrique

L'Information Psychiatrique

Official journal of the “hospital psychiatrists society” (SPH)

L’Information Psychiatrique is the psychiatrist’s clinical and professional journal.
L’Information Psychiatrique publishes mainly research papers focusing on psychopathology. It also looks at ethic issues, health organisation and health care policy, topics that reach towards social science and the neurosciences.

With the many changes taking place in psychiatry, L’Information Psychiatrique reflects readers’ current clinical concerns.
The journal is a platform for news, discussion and debates on the global care of the patient. It publishes every main controversy going through the profession. L’Information Psychiatrique is also dedicated to the vocational education of all psychiatry practitioners.

L’Information Psychiatrique has become the essential benchmark journal for hospital psychiatrists.


Volume 98, issue 10, Décembre 2022


Article Stimulation magnétique transcrânienne répétée pour les états dépressifs : où en sommes-nous en 2022 ?
Samuel Bulteau

Courrier des lecteurs

Article Mythologie de la réhabilitation psychosociale
Laurent Lecardeur, Nicolas Franck

Article Les malades mentaux ont toujours coûté trop cher
François Chapireau

Stimulation magnétique transcrânienne (Dossier coordonné par Samuel Bulteau et Cécile Hanon)

Article Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation for the treatment of depressive states: What are the levels of evidence in the international literature?
Samuel Bulteau, Alexis Bourla, Jérôme Brunelin, David Szekely, Redwan Maatoug, Anne Sauvaget, Bruno Millet

Article Practical questions about transcranial magnetic stimulation. Point of view of doctors practicing neuromodulation in France
Ludovic C. Dormegny-Jeanjean, Clément de Crespin de Billy, Noomane Bouaziz, Olivier Mainberger, Ilia Humbert, Anne Sauvaget, Samuel Bulteau, Jack R. Foucher

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