European Journal of Dermatology


Treatment of psoriasis with calcipotriol: time of onset and healing of relapses Volume 7, issue 4, June 1997


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Dermatology Clinic, University of Florence, Ospedale S. Maria Nuova, Via degli Alfani, 37, 50121 Firenze, Italy.

This clinical trial was designed to assess the effect of calcipotriol on the incidence of relapse and relapse intervals of psoriasis vulgaris after topical treatment with calcipotriol, and how they subsequently responded to the same treatment. Forty patients with psoriasis were enrolled in the study (26M, 14F), mean (± SD) age 48 ± 16.4 years. They were treated with calcipotriol, 50 mg/g, applied twice a day, until healing or the best possible therapeutic result was obtained. They were kept under observation until the disease relapsed, and were then retreated with calcipotriol until healing. Calcipotriol gave significant results from the fourth week of treatment, with a reduction in the PASI score of 51.8% from baseline and 26.3% healing. The first treatment lasted for a mean of 53.5 days, and never went beyond ten weeks. Patients were relapse-free for a mean of period 43.3 days. Of the forty initial cases, 24 were treated for relapses, for a mean duration of 44.6 days. This group of patients were stratified a posteriori on the basis of the mean duration of the first treatment cycle: short (40.6 days) or long (69.6 days). It was observed that the duration of the first treatment cycle had no influence on the relapse-free interval while the time of recovery from relapse was significantly reduced when the first treatment cycle was prolonged. These data represent a possible estimate of the optimal treatment duration with calcipotriol in mild-moderate psoriasis. Furthermore, they indicate that the recovery after relapse, when calcipotriol is used, is dependent upon the dose rate used during the previous treatment.