Revue Juridique de l'Environnement

Revue Juridique de l'Environnement

Founded in 1976 by Professor Emeritus Michel Prieur, the Revue Juridique de l'Environnement (RJE), a publication of the Société Française pour le Droit de l'Environnement, is a doctrinal journal and a key reference in environmental law. It is currently edited by Professors Éric Naim-Gesbert and Jessica Makowiak, with Laurence Renard providing the editorial secretariat.

In four annual issues and a special issue generally devoted to a particular theme, it seeks to cover the whole field from a French, European, international and comparative perspective.

The RJE is a peer-reviewed journal.

The journal's objectives are to develop knowledge of environmental law among all the scientific, professional and associative circles concerned and to develop comparative law as well as scientific contacts and cooperation with foreign countries and international bodies. Since 2010, following the absorption of the Revue européenne de droit de l'environnement, the RJE has been enriched by opening up more systematically to European Union law, formalising the fact that environmental law is not only increasingly globalised but also increasingly integrated.

The Revue Juridique de l'Environnement keeps readers abreast of the latest developments in environmental law and the doctrinal debates that are taking place in the field, through articles on legal doctrine, thematic columns (nature protection, pollution and nuisance, biotechnology, climate law, constitutional environmental law, town planning, etc.) and case law commentaries.