The aim of Périnatalité is to publish articles written by all the professionals involved in pregnancy, birth and the very young child: obstetricians and midwives, paediatricians and nursery nurses, surgeons, psychiatrists, child psychiatrists and psychologists, anaesthetists, geneticists, epidemiologists and general practitioners. Périnatalité also opens its columns to 'users' in the form of editorials, original articles, summaries and mood pieces.

Périnatalité is intended to be a forum for discussion and debate. It is a tool for continuing medical education and a witness to developments in the field.

Périnatalité - formerly Revue de médecine périnatale - is the official publication of the French Federation of Perinatal Health Networks, Fédération française des réseaux de santé en périnatalité.


Volume 15, issue 3, Septembre 2023

Éditorial / Editorial

Article Perinatal Care: A Diverse Field of Knowledge and Experience
J.-L. Chabernaud, C. Donner, J. Wendland

Article original / Original article

Article The Baby Blues also Afflict Fathers: Prevalence and Associated Factors
S. Riquet, L. Nativel, P. Frémondière

Article Morbidity and Risk Factors for Mortality of Newborns at Term in Togo
D.A.E. Akolly, K.M. Guedenon, C. Chabi, K.E. Djadou, N.K. Douti, K.D. Azoumah, A.D. Gbadoe, Y.D. Atakouma

Article Neonatal Spontaneous Pneumothorax: When a Clinical Sign of Complication Becomes Useful for Early Diagnosis and Treatment
O.-B. Tchagbele, D. Lamboni, S.P. Kebalo, K. Gnassingbe, K.D. Azoumah

Point de vue / Standpoint

Article The eligibility criteria of the kangaroo method, applied to premature babies: our point of view
D. Lebane

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