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Néphrologie & Thérapeutique

Official journal of the French-speaking society of nephrology, dialysis and transplantation (SFNDT) and of the French society of paediatric nephrology, Néphrologie & Thérapeutique publishes articles updating knowledge in nephrology: recommendations of good clinical practice, original research, or professional information from the two founding societies. The variety of topics covered reflects the richness of nephrology, whether fundamental aspects of physiology, immunology, pathology, or genetics, or subjects of clinical nephrology, especially those related to nephrological therapeutics, transplantation, haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis.


Volume 20, issue 3, June 2024

Editorial: special report

En accès libre Mind the gap in kidney care: translating what we know into what we do
Valerie A. Luyckx, Katherine R. Tuttle, Dina Abdellatif, Ricardo Correa-Rotter, Winston W.S. Fung, Agnès Haris, Li-Li Hsiao, Makram Khalife, Latha A. Kumaraswami, Fiona Loud, Vasundhara Raghavan, Stefanos Roumeliotis, Marianella Sierra, Ifeoma Ulasi, Bill Wang, Siu Fai Lui, Vassilios Liakopoulos, Alessandro Balducci
Open Access

Article original

Article Prevalence of stages 3-5 chronic kidney disease in New Caledonia
Noémie Baroux, Élodie Magnat, Marina Cauchy, Jean-François Cantin, Raphael Cohen, Pascale Domingue Mena

Article Nurse-assisted arterio-venous fistula cannulation during home hemodialysis: first results of the DIADIDEAL study
Laurence Pautret, Anne-Céline Galle, Anne Radiguet, Catherine Thibault, Ludivine Videloup, Sonia Guillouët, Thierry Lobbedez, Patrick Henri, Maxence Ficheux, Clémence Béchade

Article Management of immunosuppressive therapy after functional renal graft failure: results of a practice survey of French-speaking nephrologists
Cyril Garrouste, Marine Freist, Mathilde Prezelin-Reydit, Antoine Bouquegneau, Thomas Fournier, Betoul Schvartz, Antoine Thierry, Virginie Paumier Sanson, Valentin Mayet, Bruno Pereira, Christophe Mariat


En accès libre Withholding or withdrawing life support in nephrology: a perspective in the French-speaking background
Groupe de travail de la Société francophone de néphrologie, dialyse et transplantation (SFNDT)
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