European Journal of Dermatology


Treatment of benign venous malformations with an intense pulsed light source (PhotoDerm®VL) Volume 7, issue 4, June 1997


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Centre for Dermatologic Laser Therapy, Kaiserstrasse 104, D-76133 Karlsruhe, Germany.

Deep-seated, hemangiomatous lesions may be treated by surgical excision, sclerosing therapy, laser treatment and possibly by radiotherapy. An intense, non-coherent pulsed light source, the PhotoDerm® VL, offers an innovative therapeutic concept. We report on two of our patients, who suffered from benign, but extensive, vascular venous malformations, which had not been amenable to other treatments available. With wavelengths of > 590 nm, fluences between 40 and 70 J/cm2, and relatively long pulses, lesions at depths of up to 1.2 cm could be targeted effectively. The more superficial vessels were treated by shorter, but multiple pulses and lower fluences. There was a very good response, as post-therapeutic sonography showed a complete obliteration of the respective vessels. The PhotoDerm® VL device turned out to be extremely effective in the treatment of these otherwise resistant, vascular deformities and led to very good functional and aesthetic results.