Revue Française de Gestion

Revue Française de Gestion

The Revue Française de Gestion is a generalist, multidisciplinary journal, in keeping with the original knowledge project of the management sciences (explanatory but also prescriptive). It is the leading French-language publication in the field of management. Its aim is to enable practitioners and researchers to communicate, exchange and critique their thoughts and research on business and management disciplines, and also to appeal to a wide audience of managers keen to keep abreast of developments in management science and techniques.

For the Revue Française de Gestion, management covers all sectors of the economy and the world, both private and public, large and small companies, the commercial sector and the social economy, organisations in developed and underdeveloped countries. What's more, this managerial reasoning applies just as much to directly economic disciplines as to the human aspects of business.

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