Cahiers Santé Médecine Thérapeutique

Cahiers Santé Médecine Thérapeutique

The aim of Cahiers Santé - Médecine Thérapeutique is to provide a platform for scientific exchanges between field teams, wherever they may be, and French-speaking expert centers. Polyvalent medicine, a rapidly evolving discipline, completes the multidisciplinary approach of the journal, which covers fields of expertise ranging from internal medicine to tropical medicine, to offer a real "Therapeutic" update tool. All subjects related to drugs, but also to biotherapies, medical devices, new technologies and non-drug treatments are covered. It also deals with translational or diagnostic medicine, always from a therapeutic perspective. Chronic diseases and public health situations will also be covered in an evidence-based medicine approach.

The official journal of the Société Française de Médecine Polyvalente (SFMP)

Supported by Supported by the National College of Teachers of Therapeutics (CNET)


Volume 33, issue 2, Mars-Avril 2024

Mises au point

Article Drug hypersensitivity
Anays Piotin, Carine Metz-Favre, Frédéric Blay de

Article Gynecomastia in chronic chronic cannabis cannabis users: mechanism mechanism of action and review of the literature
Bandadi Fatima-Zahra, Lachhab Zineb, Moukafih Badr, Soufiane El Marrakchi, Sanae Achour, Abdeslam El Kartouti

Article Renal, neurological and cardiac intoxications by medicinal plants: Monographs of the main toxic plants most commonly found in Morocco Contribution of the Moroccan phytovigilance system
Bandadi Fatima Zahra, Lachhab Zineb, Moukafih Badr, El Marrakchi Soufiane, Ismail Bennani, Achour Sanae, El Kartouti Abdeslam

Études originales

Article Les facteurs prédictifs de la transfusion sanguine dans la prothèse totale de hanche Étude rétrospective de 65 cas
Hassan Alaoui, Mohamed Bahi, Mohamed Bouhiaoui, Issam Serghini, Younes Aissaoui, Youssef Qamous

Article Acute pancreatitis, severity scores and management according to the new recommendations: Moroccan series of 356 cases
Ahmed Zerhouni, Anas Belhaj, Imane Toughrai, Khalid Mazaz, Karim Ibn Majdoub

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