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European Journal of Dermatology

  • Impact Factor 3.094
European Journal of Dermatology

The official journal of the European Dermatology Forum
The European Journal of Dermatology is an internationally renowned journal for dermatologists and scientists involved in clinical dermatology and skin biology.
Original articles on clinical dermatology, skin biology, immunology and cell biology are published, along with review articles, which offer readers a broader view of the available literature. Each issue also has an important correspondence section, which contains brief clinical and investigative reports and letters concerning articles previously published in the EJD.
The policy of the EJD is to bring together a large network of specialists from all over the world through a series of editorial offices in France, Germany, Italy, and Spain.
The European Journal of Dermatology is indexed in Medline and the Current Contents and the continually improving Impact Factor is evidence of its high quality and international recognition.
The online version of European Journal of Dermatology is now available to both readers and authors. All articles published since 1997 can now be accessed online by pay per view or by subscription.

Impact Factor 2018: 3,094


Director of Publication
Gilles Cahn

Founding Editor
Jean Thivolet (Lyon, France)

Editor in Chief
Jean Kanitakis (Lyon, France)
Michael Hertl (Marburg, Germany)
Ana Gimenez-Arnau (Barcelona, Spain)
Jean-François Nicolas (Lyon, France)
Ketty Peris (Rome, Italy)


EDF editor
John Mc Grath (London, UK)

GERDA editor

Martine Vigan (Besançon, France)

Resident Board Members
Kinda Fattouh (Lyon, France)
Verena Frings (Würzburg, Germany)
Ignacio Hernandez-Aragues (Madrid, Spain)
François Kuonen (Lausanne, Switzerland)
Nélia Margarida Martins da Cunha (Lisbon, Portugal)
Natasha Stembridge (Cambridge, UK)

Board Members

Brian Berman (Miami, USA)
Thomas Bieber (Bonn, Germany)
Luca Borradori (Bern, Switzerland)
Lasse Braathen (Bern, Switzerland)
Francisco Camacho (Sevilla, Spain)
Andrea Cavani (Rome, Italy)
WenChieh Chen (Munich, Germany)
Reinhard Dummer (Zürich, Switzerland)
Giampiero Girolomoni (Verona, Italy)
Harald Gollnick (Magdeburg, Germany)
Margarida Gonçalo (Coimbra, Portugal)
Rudi Happle (Marburg, Germany)
Keiji Iwatsuki (Okayama, Japan)
Thilo Jakob (Freiburg, Germany)
Marcel Jonkman (Groningen, Netherlands)
Sarolta Kárpáti (Budapest, Hungary)
Arno König (Marburg, Germany)
Cezary Kowalewski (Warsaw, Poland)
Bernt Lindelöf (Stockholm, Sweden)
Antonella Tosti (Miami, USA)
Nikolai Tsankov (Sofi a, Bulgaria)
Peter C.M. van de Kerkhof (Nijmegen, Netherlands)
Esther von Stebut (Mainz, Germany)
Gang Wang (Xi’An, China)
Amir Yazdi (Tübingen, Germany)
Giovanna Zambruno (Rome, Italy)

Assistant Editors
Nicolas Bourrié
Oliver Gubbay

Valérie Toulgoat

Emeritus Board Members
Hugo Degreef (Leuven, Belgium)
Jean-Marie Lachapelle (Brussels, Belgium)
José Mascaro (Barcelona, Spain)
Constantin E. Orfanos (Berlin, Germany)
Alfonse Poiares-Baptista (Coimbra, Portugal)
Klaus Wolff (Vienna, Austria)