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Revue de neuropsychologie

Revue de neuropsychologie

Neuropsychologie is the official organ of the Society of Neuropsychology French Language, is the witness of the progress of knowledge in the french community.
It publishes scientific articles assessed by peers in the form of original contributions, review articles and methodological notes.
The journal covers all fields of neuropsychology, from its most theoretical to its practical appilcations.It constitutes the communication tool of the privileged life of our Society.


Volume 14, issue 1, Mars 2022


En accès libre The neuropsychology of intervention 3.0. Episode I
Arnaud Saj, Eduardo Cisneros, Émilie Lacroix
Free Access

Article de synthèse

Article Telepractice for greater accessibility of neuropsychology
Sylvie Willems, Anne-Lise Leclercq

Article Immersive virtual reality for assessment and rehabilitation of deficits of body representations and cognitive functions
Andrea Serino, Stephanie Konik, Michela Bassolino, Silvia Serino, Daniel Perez-Marcos

Article What is the role of technological advances in neuropsychological intervention for young people with ADHD?
Véronique Parent, Annie Desmarais, Sam Gémus, Pénélope Pelland-Goulet, Hélène Brisebois, Bruno Gauthier

En accès libre Complementing the speech therapy method with new approaches to speech and language rehabilitation in post-stroke aphasia
Célise Haldin, Hélène Lœvenbruck, Monica Baciu
Open Access

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