From a simplified view of pornography to the need for a complex view of pornography. Questioning the use of pornography in sexological consultations: what does the scientific literature tell us? Volume 32, issue 1, March 2023


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1 Université Rouen Normandie, UFR SHS, laboratoire CRFDP Rouen, France
2 Association inderdisciplinaire post-universitaire de sexologie (Aius)
3 Sexologue, conseiller conjugal et familial, Hermes, France
* Correspondence : Brice Gouvernet

This article proposes a critical review of the knowledge on the effects of pornography in order to consider the possibilities of questioning it in sexological practices. After a review of the scientific works underlining these possible negative effects, those underlining the potentially positive repercussions of pornography are discussed. Secondly, some of the limitations of the works currently conducted are highlighted : difficulty in defining the concept of pornography, simplification of a complex phenomenon, and limitations related to the design of the studies. The links between pornography and sexual education are questioned. Directions for optimizing the accompaniment and the therapeutic alliance are envisaged, as much concerning the posture to adopt as the dimensions and questions to ask.