Sexologies, french-speaking Journal of sexology and Sexual Health, is the official journal of the Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Association of Sexology (Aius). It is dedicated to the publication of scientific literature - biomedical sciences, human and social sciences - and clinical literature on issues related to sexualities: sexual functions and dysfunctions, sexual satisfaction, sexual behaviour, gender identities, sexual medicine, public health, sociology and history of sexualities, history, etc. It aims to be a high-level scientific journal of sexology, open to the plurality of methodological and theoretical models, and oriented towards sexological practices - health care, medico-social and educational - in the countries of the French-speaking world.

As a support for training and continuous development, its ambition is to enable professionals in the field in French-speaking countries to benefit from the latest developments in French-speaking and international scientific sexology in a multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary perspective. The current state of French-speaking sexology is thus approached through the prism of medical, psychological, social, societal, legal and ethical news in order to promote exchanges between researchers, clinicians and other professionals.


Editorial board of Sexologies


Brice Gouvernet (Rouen, France)

Deputy editor-in-chief

Françoise Adam (Liège, Belgique)

Associate editors-in-chief

Massil Benbouriche (Lille, France) • Pierre Bondil (Chambéry, France) • Mireille Bonierbale (Marseille, France) • François Duponchelle (Mérignies) • Alain Giami (Paris, France) • Julie Leonhard (Nancy, France) • Robert Porto (Marseille, France)

Deputy editors

Frédérique Courtois (Montréal, Canada) • Jeanne Diaw (Dakar, Sénégal) • Julien Lagneaux (Namur, Belgique) • Meriem Mahbouli (Tunis, Tunisie)

Editorial committee

Jaime Barrientos (Santiago, Chili) • Mylène Bolmont (Genève, Suisse) • Nadia Flicourt (Astaffort, France) • Eric Huyghe (Toulouse, France) • Patana Mulisanze (Martigny, Suisse) • Francisco Viola (San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentine) • Lakshmi Waber (Genève, Suisse)

Founding members

Mireille Bonierbale • Marie-Hélène Colson • Jean-Claude Joutard • Robert Porto