Médecine de la Reproduction

Médecine de la Reproduction

Volume 24, issue 3, Juillet-août-septembre 2022


Volume 24, issue 3, Juillet-août-septembre 2022


Article Éditorial (p.268)
Jacqueline Mandelbaum-Bleibtreu, Jean-Marie Antoine, Jean-Noël Hugues


Article The new legal framework for medically assisted procreation (p.269-87)
Thomas Van Den Heuvel

Article What face for Medically Assisted Procreation with a third-party donor after the vote of the bioethics law in 2021? The questioning of the Cecos biologists (p.288-94)
Nathalie Rives, Catherine Metzler-Guillemain, Véronique Drouineaud, Florence Eustache, Rosalie Cabry, Oxana Blagosklonov, Arnaud Reignier, Gérard Tachdjian

Article Access to ART for female couples and single women: questions from clinician (p.295-300)
Joelle Belaisch-Allart

Article Bioethics law 2021: very political, not very bioethical (p.301-8)
Virginie Rio

Article Sperm donation after the vote on the bioethics law of 2 August 2021: should we fear a shortage of donors? (p.309-18)
Claire Vienne de, Audrey Zébina, Fabienne Tong, David Heard, Michel Tsimaratos, Philippe Jonveaux

Article Anonymity and the opening of medically assisted procreation to single women: between rupture and continuity (p.319-23)
Adèle Bourdelet, Christophe Masle

Article Donor-conceived people, the right to access their origins: PMAnonyme’s point of view (p.324-30)
Blandine D’Ausbourg, Timothée Marteau

Article Access to donor file data for children born of medically assisted reproduction with a third party donor: the point of view of professionals (p.331-40)
Catherine Metzler-Guillemain, Véronique Drouineaud

Article Access to origins for children born of medically assisted procreation: the lawyer’s point of view (p.341-8)
Catherine Paley-Vincent

Article The anonymity of gamete donations and the right of access to origins A sociological overview (p.349-55)
Dominique Mehl

Article Anonymity of gamete donation and "origins": another way of listening (p.356-9)
Charlotte Dudkiewicz-Sibony

Article Medically assisted reproductive techniques: which age(s)? (p.360-6)
Jean-François Guérin

Article Elective oocyte cryopreservation : pitfalls, challenges and follow-up (p.367-75)
Michel De Vos

Article Elective oocyte cryoconservation or social egg freezing: opening of the law in France (p.376-81)
Nathalie Massin

Article Updates on embryonic and stem cell research (p.382-90)
Nelly Achour-Chneiweiss, Hervé Chneiweiss

Article Bioethics laws Developments and disappointments in reproductive medicine (p.391-4)
Israël Nisand

Article Towards a national strategy to combat infertility and fertility decline (p.395-402)
Samir Hamamah

Article What to think about the law of bioethics 2021? (p.403-12)
Jean-François Delfraissy, Pierre-Henri Duée


Article Quelle information peut-on attendre de l’analyse de l’ADN mitochondrial des cellules du cumulus ? (p.413-6)
Jean-Noël Hugues