Médecine de la Reproduction


Bioethics law 2021: very political, not very bioethical Volume 24, issue 3, Juillet-août-septembre 2022

Présidente de l’association Collectif BAMP, association de patients de l’AMP, de personnes infertiles et stériles ayant recours à l’AMP. Association de parents d’enfants nés via l’AMP intraconjugale ou avec don de gamètes, Mathieu, France
* Tirés à part : V. Rio

For four years, our patient association has mobilized with politicians, ART professionals and with partner associations, to make its demands heard regarding the revision of the bioethics law: opening up AMP to all women, self-storage of oocytes, DPIA, access to identifying and non-identifying information in the context of gamete donation, opening of donation and self-storage to private centres, etc. Associative commitment has been confronted with political actors who are not very open to our proposals and our experiences, flouting the principles of health democracy and ignoring the main principles of French bioethics. The 2021 bioethics law, despite positive aspects (opening of the ART, self-preservation and rights of access to information for people born via gamete donation, plan to fight against infertility) did not have the ambition to really meet the needs and challenges for a modern and quality ART for everyone.