Transgender people and health care. Part 1: From discrimination to renunciation: subjects at risk? Volume 18, issue 4, April 2022

1 Université Jean Monnet, Faculté de Médecine Jacques Lisfranc, Campus Santé Innovations, 42270 Saint-Priest-en-Jarez
2 Faculté de Médecine Lyon Est
* Correspondance : M. Dergham

Transgender people use the health care system for ordinary or routine care, and also for their possible transition path. However, despite their exposure to numerous risk factors (precariousness, STIs, HIV, aggressions, depressions…), they face numerous discriminations within the health care system, which will be described in this first article. The particularities of medical follow-up and the specific psychosocial risks of this population are unknown by health care providers and the lack of training on trans health during medical studies contributes to the persistence of stereotypes and discriminations. These elements will be described in a second part. Finally, a summary will highlight the main lines of follow-up in primary ambulatory care.