Volume 20, issue 6, June 2024


Volume 20, issue 6, June 2024

Dans ce numéro

Article In this issue (p.243)


En accès libre Words of sick people (p.244-5)
Philippe Casassus
Free Access


Article Au fil de la presse (p.246-50)
Michel Gerson


Article Vaccinate against respiratory syncytial virus? What is the benefit/risk ratio? (p.251-4)
Gérard Bergua, Yves Le Noc, Marc Dumoulin, Éric Drahi, Dragos-Paul Hagiu, Claude Scali, Élisabeth Steyer

Fiche pratique

Article Filling in the MDPH medical certificate (Departmental House for the Disabled Persons): children version. Sheet 7. Blindness (p.255-9)
Natacha Campion, Florence de Saint-Étienne, Frédérique Riou, Rodolphe Charles

Concepts et outils

Article When caring teaches caring: medical students’ experiences of illness. Part 1. Announcing the diagnosis (p.260-4)
Julie Thiocq


Article General practitioner’s role in the life course of Ile-de-France women who were victims of intimate partner violence (p.265-72)
Camille Lheimeur, Sarrouinia Gakunzi, Gilles Lazimi

Article Dermatological examination of black skin: challenges and prospects for general practitioners (p.273-9)
Armelle Tina, Corinne Atallah-Seive, Angélique Savall

Article Effect of interpreting the level of evidence on the intention to prescribe a medication for neuropathic pain (p.280-4)
Rémy Boussageon, Tigran Abgadarian, Denis Pouchain, Clara Blanchard

Vie professionnelle

Article In the corners of the pallet. Part Eight: A brutal fall (p.285-6)
Jean-Paul Chanel, Rodolphe Charles

Article Future assessments of Covid-19 - (Humeur du 12 mars 2024) (p.287-8)
Luc Perino