Journal de Pharmacie Clinique

Journal de Pharmacie Clinique

Volume 41, issue 4, Décembre 2022


Volume 41, issue 4, Décembre 2022

Éditorial / Editorial

En accès libre Periodic accreditation of pharmacists: Obvious! (p.147-8)
Antoine Pr Dupuis, André Rieutord
Free Access

Synthèse / Review

Article Feedback from a university hospital one year after the “simplified” reform of early and expanded access programm: a growing complexity for health professionals (p.149-57)
Margaux Renne, Geoffroy Maquin, Delphine Rosant, Maxime Villiet, Aurélie Seron

Articles originaux / Original articles

Article Therapeutic optimization in patients in acute geriatric care at University Hospital of Montpellier: follow-up one month after discharge from hospital (p.159-78)
Chloé Estournet, Guillaume Desplan, Delinger Doize-Faure

Article Roles and perceptions of hospital pharmacists in the dispensing of ambulatory oral oncology therapies in Europe and North America: an exploratory study (p.179-87)
Charlotte Jacolin, Jean-François Delisle, Jean-François Bussières

Retour d'expériences / Feedback

Article Assessment of professional practices regarding thrombo embolic events care for patients suffering from cancer in a private hospital, based on prescription and discharge letter compliance (p.189-98)
Agnès Berneron, Dodji Semenou, Sandro Aquilanti, Clémence Bocquet, Pauline Vergriete, Emélie Callens

Article Process control for purchasing health products in a pharmaceutical distribution company (p.199-206)
Djiby Faye, Cheikh Tacko Diop