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How should we approach the perpetrators of sexual violence? Volume 95, issue 10, Décembre 2019

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The year 2018 marked the twentieth anniversary of the French law of June 17, 1998, which aimed at preventing instances of sexual abuse, introducing sentences for perpetrators, and protecting minors. The law established socio-judiciary supervision and the injunction of care.

In the time since the introduction of the law, societal but also technological changes have redefined some of the contours of delinquency and pathology, scientists have highlighted and invested in new fields of study, and new approaches in terms of health policy and security have been developed.

This is why the French Federation of Resource Centers for Professionals Working with Sex Offenders (FFCRIAVS) wanted to reconsider how we approach perpetrators, to question the existing methods of prevention and care, by organizing a public hearing on June 14 and 15 2018, with the assistance of the French National Authority for Health. The authors of this paper consider some of the points raised in the report of the hearing committee, concerning the prevention, evaluation, and treatment of sex offenders.

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