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L'Information Psychiatrique

L'Information Psychiatrique

Volume 95, issue 10, Décembre 2019


Volume 95, issue 10, Décembre 2019


Article Du diabolique isolement à la divine mindfulness (p.787-90)
Michel David


Article How should we approach the perpetrators of sexual violence? (p.791-8)
Jean-Marie Delarue, Charles Alezrah, Sabine Mouchet-Mages, Mathieu Lacambre

Article A literary prize to destigmatize mental health. Report on the Folire project in the Centre Hospitalier Spécialisé de Thuir (p.799-803)
Philippe Banyols, Héloïse Haliday

Article From illness to acting. The theatrical act, a subjectifying experience for the psychotic patient (p.804-10)
Raphaele Goujat

Article Are there links between adolescent homosexuality and sexual abuse in childhood ? (p.811-9)
Emmanuel de Becker

Article Shakespeare's Julius Caesar: An “unassailable” and “unshaked” personality (p.821-6)
Nicolas Brémaud

Article Shakespeare's Coriolanus: A tragedy of pride and of names (p.827-36)
Nicolas Brémaud

Cas clinique

Article Psychological evaluation of a case of cerebral malaria in a child (p.837-42)
Leonard Nguimfack

Histoire de la psychiatrie

Article When schizophrenia was southern. A statistical and cartographic study of the first schizophrenic patients, through historical archives (p.843-9)
Hervé Guillemain

Question en formation

Article A career for dogs in psychiatric consultations? The experience of physicians and patients (p.850-6)
Morgane de Biasi, Rodolphe Charles, Catherine Massoubre


Article Bibliothèque du psychiatre. La Mélancolie, de Hubertus Tellenbach (p.857-60)
Alessandro Siciliano

Article Analyse de livre. La psychothérapie psychanalytique des psychoses de Christophe Chaperot (p.861-2)
Jean Broustra

Article Sélection de livres (p.863-5)


Article Analyse de film. Alcool, drogues, médicaments et rock’n roll de Mathieu Simon (p.867-8)
Tristan Gernez


Article Agenda (p.869)