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Medico-psychological aspect relating to the coronavirus epidemic: implementation of a support strategy for nursing staff by coordinating doctors in rest and care homes in Belgium and in France and psychological impact for the residents of these private and public nursing and care homes Volume 19, issue 4, Décembre 2021

1 Centre de psychothérapie de Namur, Namur, Belgique
2 Maison médicale de La Plante, Namur, Belgique
3 Faculté de Psychologie, Université catholique de Louvain, Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgique
4 Département d’anesthésiologie, Université catholique de Louvain, CHU UCL Namur, Yvoir, Belgique
* Correspondance

More than a third of humanity is currently under containment due to the coronavirus pandemic. Containment has been in place in many countries for several weeks. Health authorities are on the warpath against a still mysterious virus and for which they are brought to inform the population while being confronted with many unknowns concerning the Covid-19. So what about mental health? What can generate a situation of containment with the population in quarantine? What psychological impact will this confinement have on our elderly people who are accommodated in rest and care homes in Belgium or in Ehpad in France? Currently, we are not yet aware of French-language articles already published in the medical-psychological aspects related to the coronavirus among the population. We will try, through this article, to approach the medico-psychological question of the nursing staff within the nursing homes and the psychological impact of the residents.