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Short- and mid-term health impact of an industrial fire in Rouen, 2019: survey methods Volume 20, issue 2, March-April 2021


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A perceived health study is part of the epidemiologic response to the industrial fire that occurred in Rouen (France) in September 2019. This cross-sectional population survey, entitled “A study that listens to your health”, aims to assess the short and medium-term impact of the accident on both physical and mental health. The exposed area, encompassing 122 municipalities with a total of 350,000 inhabitants, was divided into four strata. Le Havre and its northern periphery were designated a control zone. A simple stratified random drawing was carried out to constitute a representative sample from the population of the two zones. Data collection used a structured questionnaire whose first section was mainly intended to describe the exposures and symptoms experienced during the fire and its aftermath. The second section covered the data collection period, one year after the event. It incorporated a standardized instrument for measuring global health: the MOS SF-12 (Medical Outcomes Study Short Form Health Survey). An additional questionnaire was administered at a later stage of investigation to assess the impact of the industrial fire on anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress. Data analysis will make it possible to describe the exposure to the accident, the symptoms reported by the population and any medical treatment sought, and thus to estimate their prevalence in the population. Multivariate regression models will be developed to quantify any relation between perceived environmental exposures and, on the one hand, post-accident symptoms, and on the other, perceived health one year after the accident.