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Development of two tools for improving consideration of environmental health and multi-exposure situations in Paris Volume 20, issue 4, July-August 2021


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Ville de Paris - Service parisien de santé environnementale
11, rue George Eastman
75013 Paris
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The Paris environmental health department (SPSE) has developed tools for steering policies aimed at reducing health inequities in the city by taking into account situations of multiple exposure and population vulnerabilities.

The first tool is a mapping process that identifies areas of cumulative disadvantage by mapping environmental risk factors (air pollution, noise, at-risk housing, lack of vegetation), population vulnerabilities (age, health status, income), and the lack of urban amenities (access to green spaces and general practitioners) on a fine scale. About ten sectors in Paris have thus been identified as requiring urgent public action.

The second tool is the health impact assessment (HIA) approach applied to urban development projects, for example, in the “Gare des Mines” area. This makes it possible to intensify the positive effects of urban projects on health and minimize their negative effects. These two complementary tools help to prioritize public action regarding the various determinants of health and to improve cross-disciplinary initiatives within departments and with external partners.