Bulletin du Cancer

Bulletin du Cancer

Volume 84, issue 6, Juin 1997


Volume 84, issue 6, Juin 1997

Articles originaux

Article Impact of topographical analysis on quantitative microscopy in cultured cells: application to hormone therapy evaluation (p.589-96)
France Wallet, Yolande Berthois, Pierre-Marie Martin, Christophe Dussert, Jacqueline Palmari

Article Prognostic significance of flow-cytometry in squamous cell bronchogenic cancer. Retrospective study of 61 cases (p.597-602)
Thierry Jeanfaivre, Agnès Chassevent, Joël Geslin, Francis Larra, Edmond Tuchais

Article Pharmacokinetics of high-dose doxorubicin administered as a 6-h intravenous infusion in breast cancer patients (p.603-8)
Jeanne Wihlm, Jean-Marc Limacher, Dominique Levêque, Brigitte Duclos, Patrick Dufour, Jean-Pierre Bergerat, Gérard Methlin

Article Comparative evaluation of quantitative immunocytochemical and biochemical assays for hormone receptors in breast cancer (p.613-18)
Isabelle Marcot, Colette Migeon, Robert-Michel Parache, Sophie Marchal, Jean-Marc Virion

Article Opportunistic breast cancer screening in France (p.619-24)
Suzanne Wait, Paul Schaffer, Brigitte Séradour, Martine Chollot, Michel Demay, Sylvette Dejouhanet

Article Uterine sarcomas managed by surgery followed by radiation therapy. Clinical outcome, prognostic factors and role of radiation therapy (p.625-9)
Régis Coquard, Pascale Romestaing, Jean-Michel Ardiet, Françoise Mornex, Irénée Sentenac, Jean-Pierre Gérard

Article Neurectodermal differentiation of an embryonal carcinoma of the testis (p.630-3)
Françoise Eichler, Nassr-Eddine Achour, Jean-Marie Vetter, Jean-Pierre Bergerat, Didier Jacqmin


Article Inhibitors of Ras farnesylation: tomorrow’s anticancer agents? (p.635-42)
Dominique Perrin, Serge Halazy, Bridget Hill

Article Use and applications of pharmacogenetics in oncology and hematology (p.643-51)
Nicolas Albin, Liliane Massade, Alain Gouyette

Article Systemic adjuvant chemotherapy for soft tissue sarcomas (p.653-63)
Marc Debled, Alain Ravaud, Eberhard Stöckle, Nguyen Binh Bui

Article Oxaliplatin: the first DACH platinum in clinical practice (p.665-73)
Patrick Soulié, Eric Raymond, Silvano Brienza, Esteban Cvitkovic

Compte rendu de congrès

Article Dose individualisation for carboplatin in cancer chemotherapy (p.675-7)
Stéphane Oudard, Eric Pujade Lauraine