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Bulletin du Cancer


Prognostic significance of flow-cytometry in squamous cell bronchogenic cancer. Retrospective study of 61 cases Volume 84, issue 6, Juin 1997


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CHU, F-49033 Angers Cedex 01, France.

To assess the prognostic value of flow cytometric analysis, 61 cases of operated squamous cell lung carcinoma were studied in terms of desoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) nuclear content and percentage of cells in DNA synthesis phase (% S). These parameters were determined on a fresh surgical sample. The S % was obtained in 25 cases. DNA index (DI) and % S were compared with survival and usual clinicopathologic characteristics for the prediction of survival. DNA content classified as DNA-diploid and DNA-aneuploid is not a prognostic factor for survival. DI higher than 2 seems to be predictive but needs confirmation. The % S and multiploidy are not predictive factors for survival.