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L'Information Psychiatrique

L'Information Psychiatrique

Volume 93, issue 8, Octobre 2017


Volume 93, issue 8, Octobre 2017


Article Psychiatrie 2.0 (p.647)
Patrice Huerre, Cécile Hanon

e-psychiatrie (dossier coordonné par Patrice Huerre et Cécile Hanon)

En accès libre Where can new technologies be most effective in the patient-psychiatrist relationship as regards addiction and sleep medicine? (p.649-53)
Benjamin Pitrat
Free Access

Article eHealth and depression : the case of bloom-up mobile application (p.654-9)
Lila Mekaoui, Anne-Sophie Lombardi

Article Virtual reality therapy in the care management of anxiety disorders (p.660-3)
Fanny Levy, Gilles Rautureau, Roland Jouvent

Article A body lost in the virtual world: understanding the implications involved in Internet- addiction (p.664-8)
Xanthie Vlachopoulou

Article Diagnostic and therapeutic contributions of connected objects in adaptation disorders. The DEED program in situations of exhaustion (p.669-75)
Frédéric Berger, Katia Amoretti, Emilie Rissoan, Eric Sermet

Question ouverte

Article Concerning the non-existence of the “psychic structures” in psychanalysis (p.677-84)
Jean-Louis Feys

Cas clinique

Article Schizoid condition and simple melancholia: discrete psychoses (p.685-91)
David Frank Allen

Mémoires vives

Article Psychiatrie et psychanalyse n° 11. Interview du Dr Pierre Charazac (p.693-703)
Cécile Hanon, Marion Sicard

Série Psychoses émergentes, n° 3

Article Neuropsychological management of patients with a mental state at risk of psychosis (p.704-8)
Florent Bernardin, Thibaut Mignot, Raymund Schwan, Vincent Laprevote

Questions en formation

Article Research protocol. Evaluation of decision-making in the prediction of alcoholic relapse in liver transplant patients (p.709-14)
Guillaume Camelot, Christine Silvain, Nematollah Jaafari


Article Analyse de livre. Corps et graphismes, de Jean Boustra (p.715)
Joséphine Caubel

Article Sélection de livres (p.716-7)


Article Agenda (p.718-21)