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eHealth and depression : the case of bloom-up mobile application Volume 93, issue 8, Octobre 2017


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1 Clinique des maladies mentales et de l’encéphale (CMME), Centre hospitalier Sainte-Anne, 1, rue Cabanis, 75674 Paris cedex 14, France
2 Unité de psychiatrie addictologie, Centre hospitalier Bichat Claude-Bernard, 46 rue Henri-Huchard 75877 Paris cedex 18, France
* Correspondance
  • Key words: e-health, digital application, depression, communication tool, behavioral and cognitive therapy, information and communication technology
  • DOI : 10.1684/ipe.2017.1687
  • Page(s) : 654-9
  • Published in: 2017

Depression is the most common psychiatric illness, and remains a challenge to treat because of its strong socio-economic impact, risk of chronicity, recurrence and cognitive disorders.

In the context of decreasing medical demographics and limited access to validated psychotherapies, a mobile application in French called Bloom-up attempts to provide out-patients with information, auto-evaluation, cognitive-behavior tools (cognitive restructuring, behavioral task, mindful meditation) and cognitive remediation.