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Concerning the non-existence of the “psychic structures” in psychanalysis Volume 93, issue 8, Octobre 2017

CP St Bernard,
43, rue Empain,
7170 Manage, Belgique
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The aim of this article was to question the concept of psychic structure. Numerous psychoanalysts to this day still refer to the existence of different “psychic structures” and to the opposition between a “psychotic structure”, a “neurotic structure” and a “perverse structure”. This nosography in terms of “structure” is often presented as an alternative to the standard psychiatric classification. This radical distinction between the different “structures” is essential to the modalities of the psychoanalytic technique, as well as, to the good course of the cure.

This article attempted to question this distinction and defend the idea that Freud and Lacan's texts allow us to refuse this distinct differentiation between psychosis and neurosis.