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Epileptic Disorders

The Educational Journal of the

Volume 13, issue 4, December 2011

Review article

En accès libre Side effects of phenobarbital in epilepsy: a systematic review (p.349-65)
Ling-Li Zhang, Li-Nan Zeng, You-Ping Li
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Invited editorial comment

En accès libre Safety profile of phenobarbital: can meta-analyses tell us the truth? (p.366-7)
Sylvain Rheims
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Original articles

En accès libre Lessons learned from a comparison of language localisation using fMRI and electrocortical mapping: case studies of neocortical epilepsy patients (p.368-74)
Kwang Ki Kim, Michael D Privitera, Jerzy P Szaflarski
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En accès libre Montreal Cognitive Assessment in cryptogenic epilepsy patients with normal Mini-Mental State Examination scores (p.375-81)
Kanitpong Phabphal, Janyapon Kanjanasatien
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En accès libre Vagus nerve stimulation: effectiveness and tolerability in 64 paediatric patients with refractory epilepsies (p.382-8)
Ricardo O Cersósimo, Marcelo Bartuluchi, Sebastian Fortini, Alejandra Soraru, Hugo Pomata, Roberto H Caraballo
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En accès libre Reflex seizures in Rett syndrome (p.389-93)
Ana Roche Martínez, M Itziar Alonso Colmenero, Andreia Gomes Pereira, Francesc X Sanmartí Vilaplana, Judith Armstrong Morón, Mercé Pineda Marfa
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En accès libre Analysis of acylcarnitine levels by tandem mass spectrometry in epileptic children receiving valproate and oxcarbazepine (p.394-400)
Ali Cansu, Ayse Serdaroglu, Gursel Biberoglu, Leyla Tumer, Tugba Luleci Hirfanoglu, Fatih Suheyl Ezgu, Alev Hasanoglu
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En accès libre Seizures as a manifestation of multiple sclerosis (p.401-10)
Jeffrey L Sponsler, Anastasia C Kendrick-Adey
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En accès libre Early-onset childhood absence epilepsy: is it a distinct entity? (p.411-6)
Pue Farooque, Jatinder Goraya, Ignacio Valencia, Karen S Carvalho, H Huntley Hardison, Agustin Legido, Divya S Khurana
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Clinical commentary with video sequences

En accès libre Early-onset absence epilepsy at eight months of age (p.417-21)
Yu Kobayashi, Noriyuki Akasaka, Tsukasa Ohashi, Shinji Saitoh, Yuko Tomonoh, Shinichi Hirose, Jun Tohyama
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Clinical commentaries

En accès libre Limited resection of focal cortical dysplasia and associated epileptogenic cortex may lead to positive surgical outcome (p.422-9)
Kyriakos Garganis, Vasileios Kokkinos, Basilios Zountsas
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En accès libre Intracranial localisation of ictal urinary urge epileptogenic zone to the non-dominant temporal lobe (p.430-4)
Khatuna Gurgenashvili, Shavonne L Massey, Mitzie Grant, Joseph Piatt Jr, Agustin Legido, Ignacio Valencia
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En accès libre Mirth and laughter elicited during brain stimulation (p.435-40)
Guadalupe Fernández-Baca Vaca, Hans O Lüders, Maysaa Merhi Basha, Jonathan P Miller
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En accès libre Coexistence of two distinct benign EEG variants in the same subject (p.441-5)
Francesco Brigo, Paolo Manganotti, Antonio Fiaschi, Luigi Giuseppe Bongiovanni
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En accès libre Serial EEG and MRI changes in status epilepticus-induced excitotoxic neuronal necrosis (p.446-51)
Fehim Arman, Dilaver Kaya, Alp Dincer, Aydin Sav, M. Necmettin Pamir
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En accès libre aPTT prolongation and skin eruption possibly associated with lamotrigine monotherapy in a paediatric patient (p.452-5)
Jung Sook Yeom, Ji Sook Park, Ji Hyun Seo, Eun Sil Park, Jae Young Lim, Chan-Hoo Park, Hyang Ok Woo, Hee-Shang Youn
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Letter to the editor

En accès libre Seizure or migraine? The eternal dilemma (p.456)
Vincenzo Belcastro, Pasquale Striano, Pasquale Parisi
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