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Epileptic Disorders

The Educational Journal of the International League Against Epilepsy

 couverture ProgressiveMyoclonusA comprehensive book on the current state of knowledge about this group of rare diseases.
Clinicians’ descriptions, studies led by biologists on genetic variations and mutations and the work carried out daily by numerous scientists researching into treatment.

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Impact FactorThe ILAE and the editors of Epileptic Disorders are pleased to announce that the Impact Factor of Epileptic Disorders has increased from 0.9426 to 1.168

couverture atlas EEG 2ed A fully apdated and revised 2nd edition of the usefull tool to analize physiological EEG awake and sleep activities in children and adults.

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couverture de Pediatric epilespy surgery The "White guide" of Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery.

A pre-surgical evaluation in children, semiology of epileptic seizure, etiology, palliative surgery and following surgery.

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Characteristic phasic evolution of convulsive seizure in PCDH19-related epilepsy Temporal lobe epilepsy? Things are not always what they seem

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