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Seizures as a manifestation of multiple sclerosis Volume 13, issue 4, December 2011


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Alaska Brain Center, LLC, Wasilla, Alaska, USA

<p>The incidence of seizures is generally accepted to be greater in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) than in the general population, and rarely, MS can initially present as seizure.</p><p>To present a case report of seizure as the initial symptom of MS, to quantify the occurrence of seizures among MS patients, and to classify patients according to when seizures occur relative to onset of MS.</p><p>The medical history of patients presenting with MS and seizure in our clinic was examined. In addition, 25 scientific papers were reviewed and the number and characteristics of patients with MS and seizure recorded. Data from the literature review and from our own clinical series were combined and examined.</p><p>Of the MS patients, 1.95% experienced seizures at any time during life. Patients experiencing seizures before MS diagnosis were classified into three categories: (a) 25 (7.3% of patients with MS and seizures) with seizure as the initial presentation of MS; (b) 27 (7.9%) with seizures appearing with other signs and symptoms of MS; and (c) 68 (20%) with seizures occurring years or an unknown period of time before MS onset. Seizure occurring as a symptom of MS relapse was found in 29 patients.</p><p>The prevalence of seizures among MS patients was higher than that in the general population, indicating a relationship between seizures and MS. Seizures occurred before MS diagnosis in a small percentage of patients.</p>