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Limited resection of focal cortical dysplasia and associated epileptogenic cortex may lead to positive surgical outcome Volume 13, issue 4, December 2011


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Epilepsy Monitoring Unit, Neurosurgery Department, “St. Luke's” Hospital, Thessaloniki, Panorama, Greece

A drug-resistant epilepsy patient with premotor type IIb focal cortical dysplasia is described with a positive postoperative outcome following partial resection of the lesion and epileptogenic zone. Presurgical fMRI of the sensorimotor areas showed haemodynamic responses over the posterior border of the lesion and ictal EEG-fMRI revealed activation of both the primary sensorimotor strip and premotor lesion area. Almost continuous 1-2 Hz interictal spiking was recorded during a chronic ECoG study over the primary sensorimotor cortex. Following partial resection of the lesion, an acute ECoG revealed marked reduction of epileptic activity over the sensorimotor area. Post-operatively, seizure control was significantly improved (class IV ILAE outcome). Although partial FCD resections predict a worse postoperative outcome, individual patients may still respond favourably. The type of lesion, resected portion, and histopathology may be included among factors related to successful outcome.