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Epileptic Disorders

Epileptic Disorders is the leading forum where all experts and medical studentswho wish to improve their understanding of epilepsy and related disorders can share practical experiences surrounding diagnosis and care, natural history, and management of seizures.
Epileptic Disorders is the official E-journal of the International League Against Epilepsy for educational communication. As the journal celebrates its 20th anniversary, it will now be available only as an online version. Its mission is to create educational links between epileptologists and other health professionals in clinical practice and scientists or physicians in research-based institutions. This change is accompanied by an increase in the number of issues per year, from 4 to 6, to ensure regular diffusion of recently published material (high quality Review and Seminar in Epileptology papers; Original Research articles or Case reports of educational value; MultiMedia Teaching Material), to serve the global medical community that cares for those affected by epilepsy.


Ahead of print

Original article

Changes in heart rate during the peri-ictal period in focal epilepsy
Jiankui Sun, Guifeng Wu, Baohua Qu, Jinxing Qi, Jianzhong Deng, Xiaoqiu Shao, Yu Du, Qun Wang
Online since 29/07/2022

Evaluating consciousness and awareness during focal seizures: responsiveness testing versus recall testing
Violeta Contreras Ramirez, Bogdan Patedakis Litvinov, Nisali Anuradha Gunawardane, Charlie W. Zhao, Courtney Yotter, Imran H. Quraishi, Hal Blumenfeld
Online since 29/07/2022

Association between MTHFR polymorphism and seizure control in epileptic patients with hyperhomocysteinaemia
Rong Zou, Yongping Dai, Dongxing Wang, Xia Zhang
Online since 29/07/2022

Cumulative effects of antiseizure medication on intelligence in children with focal epilepsy
Carmen H. Stevering, Herm J. Lamberink, Julie Woodfield, Monique van Schooneveld, Willem M. Otte, Richard F.M. Chin, Mark E. Bastin, Karin Geleijns, Kees P.J. Braun
Online since 29/07/2022

A retrospective cohort study of new-onset refractory status epilepticus (NORSE): clinical features, timing of immunotherapy and outcomes
Katherine Werbaneth, Melissa Mausolf, Jordan Seliger, Scheherazade Le
Online since 27/07/2022

Epileptiform abnormalities in the disconnected hemisphere are common in seizure-free patients after hemispherectomy
Majed Alzahrany, Rawyah Alnakhli, William Bingaman, Elaine Wyllie, Ahsan N. Moosa
Online since 25/07/2022

Effect of rapid EEG on anti-seizure medication usage
Deepika Kurup, Zachary Davey, Phuong Hoang, Connie Wu, Katherine Werbaneth, Varun Shah, Karen G. Hirsch, Prasanthi Govindarajan, Kimford J. Meador
Online since 21/07/2022

Hypothalamic hamartoma: epilepsy and neurodevelopmental profiles in a clinical cohort
Clair Pridmore, Felice D’Arco, Varsha Siyani, Leah Bull, Hanna Richardson
Online since 21/07/2022

Effect of long-term valproic acid therapy on lipid profiles in paediatric patients with epilepsy: a meta-analysis
Hong-Li Guo, Na Dong, Feng Chen, Yuan-Yuan Zeng, Ya-Hui Hu, Ying Xia, Man Tian, Xiao-Peng Lu, Jin-Chun Qiu
Online since 12/07/2022

Motor and emotional facial features in parietal lobe seizures: an ictal functional connectivity study using SEEG
Camelia Lentoiu, Irina Oane, Andrei Barborica, Cristian Donos, Constantin Pistol, Andrei Daneasa, Andrei Daneasa, Flavius I. Bratu, Ioana Mindruta
Online since 11/07/2022

Electronic seizure diaries for clinical care and research
Tyler E. Gray, Lawrence J. Hirsch, Imran H. Quraishi
Online since 11/07/2022

Real-world evaluation of perampanel effectiveness in Japanese adolescents with epilepsy
Yushi Inoue, Kenta Sumitomo, Kazuhiro Matsutani, Mika Ishii
Online since 06/07/2022

Magnetic resonance imaging features of isolated periventricular heterotopia in pediatric epilepsy: a comparative study
Benjamin James Tittle, Mohit Maheshwari, Ahmad Marashly
Online since 06/07/2022

ILAE commission report

A structured, blended learning program towards proficiency in epileptology: the launch of the ILAE Academy Level 2 Program
Ingmar Blümcke, Eva Biesel, Svenja Bedenlier, Marion Händel, Jo Wilmshurst, Man Mohan Mehndiratta, Elza Márcia Yacubian, Fernando Cendes, Alexis Arzimanoglou, Sandor Beniczky, Peter Wolf, Christina Giavasi, Sallie Baxendale, Priscilla Shisler, Samuel Wiebe
Online since 08/07/2022

ILAE report

Recommendations for treatment strategies in people with epilepsy during times of shortage of antiseizure medications
Ali A. Asadi-Pooya, Archana A. Patel, Eugen Trinka, Maria Mazurkiewicz-Beldzinska, J. Helen Cross, Timothy E. Welty
Online since 27/07/2022

Clinical vignette

Orofacial dyskinesia in a patient with autoimmune encephalitis and voltagegated potassium channel complex antibodies
Irem Gul Orhan, F. Irsel Tezer
Online since 27/07/2022

Seminar in epileptology

Current practice in diagnostic genetic testing of the epilepsies
Ilona Krey, Konrad Platzer, Alina Esterhuizen, Samuel F. Berkovic, Ingo Helbig, Michael S. Hildebrand, Holger Lerche, Daniel Lowenstein, Rikke S. Møller, Annapurna Poduri, Lynette Sadleir, Sanjay M. Sisodiya, Sarah Weckhuysen, Jo M. Wilmshurst, Yvonne Weber, Johannes R. Lemke
Online since 13/07/2022

Case vignette

Ictal central sleep-related apnoea in Prader-Willi syndrome
Antonella Giacobbe, Luca Andreoli, Eleonora Mauri, Roberta Pajno, Francesca Patria, Raffaella Pinzani, Antonella M. Costantino, Sergio Barbieri, Robertino Dilena
Online since 11/07/2022

Clinical commentary

The Moro reflex: insights into the pathophysiology of generalized tonic-clonic seizures and infantile spasms
Francesco Brigo, Alessandro Porro, Eugen Trinka
Online since 29/07/2022

“Temporal” intermittent rhythmic delta activity: the true localizing nature of TIRDA
Brin E. Freund, Zuha Mheir-Al-Saadi, Benjamin H. Brinkmann, William O. Tatum
Online since 12/07/2022

The ventral precuneal-posterior cingulate region as a site of epileptogenicity
Lee Elisevich, Shan Abbas, David Burdette, Gabe Heredia, Kost Elisevich
Online since 12/07/2022

Koolen-de Vries syndrome associated with continuous spike-wave in sleep
Afsheen Q. Khan, Rohini K. Coorg, Deepak Gill, Carla Marini, Kenneth A. Myers
Online since 11/07/2022

Medication-resistant acute focal motor seizures in a child with COVID-19 affecting the CNS
Saeid Sadeghian, Aliakbar Momen, Gholamreza Jelodar, Shahram Nasiri, Reza Azizimalamiri
Online since 06/07/2022

Review article

Epilepsy management during difficult times
Boulenouar Mesraoua, J. Helen Cross, Emilio Perucca, Ali A. Asadi-Pooya
Online since 12/07/2022

Letter to the editor

Competency-based EEG education: a list of “must-know” EEG findings for adult and child neurology residents
Fábio A. Nascimento, Jin Jing, Roy Strowd, Irfan S. Sheikh, Dan Weber, Jay R. Gavvala, Atul Maheshwari, Adriana Tanner, Marcus Ng, K. P. Vinayan, Saurabh R. Sinha, Elza M. Yacubian, Vikram R. Rao, M. Scott Perry, Nathan B. Fountain, Ioannis Karakis, Elaine Wirrell, Fang Yuan, Daniel Friedman, Hatice Tankisi, Stefan Rampp, Rebecca Fasano, Jo M. Wilmshurst, Cormac O’Donovan, Donald Schomer, Peter W. Kaplan, Michael R. Sperling, Selim Benbadis, M. Brandon Westover, Sándor Beniczky
Online since 29/07/2022

Generic substitutions of antiseizure medications: recommendations issued by the Israeli Chapter of the International League Against Epilepsy
Firas Fahoum, Ilan Linder, Moshe Herskovitz, Iris Noyman, Dana Ekstein, Bruria Ben Zeev, Sara Eyal
Online since 29/07/2022

Patient and provider perspectives on transition of care for patients with epilepsy
Fábio A. Nascimento, Alexandria Melendez-Zaidi, Barbara Swoyer, Elizabeth A. Thiele
Online since 25/07/2022

DNM1L mutation presenting as progressive myoclonic epilepsy associated with acute febrile infection-related epilepsy syndrome
Ana Chrystina De Souza Crippa, Gustavo L. Franklin, Bruno Toshio Takeshita, Hélio Afonso Ghizoni Teive
Online since 27/07/2022

Multimedia teaching material

Hypermotor-tonic-spasms seizure sequence related to CDKL5 deficiency disorder: a typical case
Juan Pablo Appendino
Online since 08/08/2022