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Epileptic Disorders

The Educational Journal of the International League Against Epilepsy

ElectroClinical Reasoning Reports

Electroclinical Reasoning Reports are aimed at providing the reader with a comprehensive approach for diagnostic or presurgical evaluation and epilepsy surgery strategies. The format of the reports includes an introduction and hypotheses regarding an epilepsy syndrome or epileptogenic zone(s), justification of the investigations chosen to support the hypotheses, conclusions based on the investigations, and final therapeutic action or diagnosis made.
Section coordinated by Prs. Michael Duchowny and Philippe Kahane (Associate Editors).

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Volume 20, issue 2, April 2018

En accès libre Ictal spitting in non-dominant temporal lobe epilepsy: an anatomo-electrophysiological correlation
With Video

Marcos Quevedo-Diaz, Adrià Tauste Campo, Manel Vila-Vidal, Alessandro Principe, Miguel Ley, Rodrigo Rocamora

Volume 19, issue 2, June 2017

En accès libre Intracranial investigation of a patient with nodular heterotopia and hippocampal sclerosis: dealing with a dual pathology
Lady Diana Ladino, Chelsea Dash, Adam Wu, Jose Francisco Tellez-Zenteno

Volume 19, issue 1, March 2017

En accès libre Temporal lobe epilepsy? Things are not always what they seem
With Video

Irena Doležalová, Milan Brázdil, Philippe Kahane

Volume 18, issue 4, December 2016

En accès libre Propagation of seizures in a case of lesional mid-cingulate gyrus epilepsy studied by stereo-EEG
Rafeed Alkawadri, Jorge Gonzalez-Martinez, Nicolas Gaspard, Andreas V. Alexopoulos

Volume 18, issue 2, June 2016

En accès libre A 16-year-old girl with focal seizures and impaired awareness: divergent non-invasive data related to a diffuse epileptogenic network
Angelo Russo, Prasanna Jayakar, Ian Miller, Sanjiv Bhatia, Michael Duchowny

Volume 18, issue 1, March 2016

En accès libre Epilepsia partialis continua triggered by traumatic hand injury: a peripheral tuning of brain excitability?
With Video

Eliseu Paglioli, William Alves Martins, Walter De la Cruz, Victor Andrade, Vinicius Duval da Silva, Rafael Menezes Nunes, André Palmini

Volume 17, issue 4, December 2015

En accès libre Successful epilepsy surgery in frontal lobe epilepsy with startle seizures: a SEEG studyFrontal epilepsy with startle seizures
With Video

Ana Ciurea, Irina Popa, Mihai Dragos Maliia, Nagy Csilla-Johanna, Andrei Barborica, Cristian Donos, Jean Ciurea, Ioan Opris, Ioana Mindruta

Volume 17, issue 2, June 2015

En accès libre Lesion-negative anterior cingulate epilepsy (WITH VIDEO)
With Video

Nuria Lacuey, Javier Chapa Davila, Bilal Zonjy, Shahram Amina, Marta Couce, John Turnbull, Jonathan Miller, Hans Lüders, Samden D Lhatoo

Volume 15, issue 2, June 2013

En accès libre Successful surgical resection in non-lesional operculo-insular epilepsy without intracranial monitoring
Vitalie Chiosa, Cristina Granziera, Laurent Spinelli, Claudio Pollo, Eliane Roulet-Perez, Stanislav Groppa, Margitta Seeck

Volume 11, issue 3, September 2009

En accès libre Functional hemispherectomy in adults with intractable epilepsy syndromes: a report of 4 cases
With Video

Bernhard J Steinhoff, Anke Maren Staack, Sofia Bilic, Uwe Kraus, Andreas Schulze-Bonhage, Josef Zentner

Volume 11, issue 1, March 2009

En accès libre Successful surgery in late onset epilepsy with tuberous sclerosis complex
Iris Unterberger, Giorgi Kuchukhidze, Gerald Walser, Judith Dobesberger, Florian Koppelstaetter, Martin Ortler, Richard Bauer, Eugen Trinka

Volume 10, issue 4, December 2008

En accès libre Multifocal epilepsy: the role of palliative resection - intractable frontal and occipital lobe epilepsy secondary to radiotherapy for acute lymphoblastic leukaemia
With Video

Ashalatha Radhakrishnan, Pasiri Sithinamsuwan, A Simon Harvey, Danny Flanagan, Gregory Fitt, Sam Berlangieri, Graeme D Jackson, Samuel F Berkovic, Ingrid E Scheffer

En accès libre Medically intractable seizures originating from the primary somatosensory hand area
Mohamad Z Koubeissi, Robert J Maciunas, Adriana Tanner, Hans O Lüders

En accès libre Early-onset symptomatic focal epilepsy: a dilemma in the timing of surgery
Neely Desai, Ronit M Pressler, Nicola Jolleff, Maria Clark, Brian Neville, Christin Eltze, William Harkness, J Helen Cross

En accès libre MRI-negative prefrontal epilepsy due to cortical dysplasia explored by stereoelectroencephalography (SEEG)
With Video

Aileen McGonigal, Martine Gavaret, Agnès Trébuchon Da Fonseca, Maxime Guye, Didier Scavarda, Nathalie Villeneuve, Jean Régis, Fabrice Bartolomei, Patrick Chauvel

En accès libre MRI-negative frontal lobe epilepsy with ipsilateral akinesia and reflex activation
Stephen Malone, Ian Miller, Prasanna Jakayar, Trevor Resnick, Sanjiv Bhatia, Michael Duchowny