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Lesion-negative anterior cingulate epilepsy (WITH VIDEO) Volume 17, issue 2, June 2015


  • Lesion-negative anterior cingulate epilepsy


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Epilepsy Center, UH Case Medical Center, Cleveland, OH, USA

Anterior cingulate epilepsy (ACE), a rare entity (Garzon and Lüders, 2008; Alkawadri et al., 2013), presents particular challenges in focus localization during pre-operative epilepsy surgery work-up (Garzon and Lüders, 2008; Alkawadri et al., 2013). The anatomical location of the cingulate gyrus (CG), medial and distant from the cerebral surface, makes localization of the ictal onset zone difficult. The phenomenon of secondary bilateral synchrony (SBS) increases the lateralization difficulty [...]