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Annales de Biologie Clinique

Annales de Biologie Clinique

Volume 75, issue 6, Novembre-Décembre 2017


Volume 75, issue 6, Novembre-Décembre 2017


Article Detection of RAS mutations in circulating tumor cells: applications in colorectal cancer and prospects (p.607-18)
Jérôme Alexandre Denis, Jean-Marc Lacorte

Article Circulating tumour DNA: analytical aspects and clinical applications for metastatic melanoma patients (p.619-30)
Guillaume Herbreteau, Audrey Vallée, Anne-Chantal Knol, Sandrine Théoleyre, Gaëlle Quéreux, Amir Khammari, Brigitte Dréno, Marc G Denis

Article Personalized medicine, pharmacogenomic and companion biomarker (p.631-6)
Hana Manceau, Kawthar Amrani, Katell Peoc’h

Article IQC Laboratory management strategy for medical biology (p.637-45)
Estelle Bugni, Richard Cohen, Cécile Mazellier

En accès libre Blood lipid tests in 2017 (p.646-52)
Rémy Couderc, Marianne Antar, Dominique Bonnefont-Rousselot, Jean-Louis Paul, Patrice Therond
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En accès libre A support to biological validation of oxygenation parameters (p.653-63)
Maud Godignon, Frédéric Costes, Vincent Sapin, Damien Bouvier
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Article Medical laboratory technician professional pathologies: a 2006-2016 literature review (p.664-72)
Richard Pougnet, Brice Loddé, Marie Uguen, Bénédicte Sawicki, Laurence Pougnet

Articles originaux

Article Magazines in waiting areas of hospital: a forgotten microbial reservoir? (p.673-81)
Mathias Adé, Sandrine Burger, Anaelle Cuntzmann, Julien Exinger, Olivier Meunier

Article Potential of big data analytics in the French in vitro diagnostics market (p.683-5)
Nicolas Dubois, Nicolas Garnier, Christophe Meune

Biologie au quotidien

Article Infectious aneurysm of the two primary iliac arteries: rare localization of Salmonella typhimurium infection (p.686-8)
Anass Rochdi, Othman Zahdi, Karim Souly, Youssef Tijani, Youness Mechal, Nada Benjelloun, Brahim Lekehal, Yassir Sefiani, Abbes El Mesnaoui, Younes Bensaid, Mimoun Zouhdi

Article From the observation of atypical cells on blood smear to the diagnosis of mast cell leukemia: a case report in a 79 year old woman consulting for anemia (p.689-94)
Julien Decker, Sabine Meyer, Véronique Latger-Cannard, Sorin Visanica, Elena Loppinet, Jean-François Lesesve, Blandine Bénet

Article Trisomy 13 by robertsonian translocation rob (13;13)(q10;q10) +13: about one case (p.695-8)
Antoine Laudat, Stéphane Serero, Isma Seridi, Laurence Burc-Struxiano

Article Southeast asian ovalocytosis: the need for a carefull observation of red cell indices and blood smear (p.699-702)
Pierre-Antoine Moulin, Vanessa Nivaggioni, Noémie Saut, Charlotte Grosdidier, Denis Bernot, Véronique Baccini


Article Preanalytical influence of pneumatic tube delivery system on results of routine biochemistry and haematology analysis (p.703-12)
Morgane Petit, Louis Mine, Tiffany Pascreau, Chantal Brouzes, Sandrine Majoux, Delphine Borgel, Jean-Louis Beaudeux, Dominique Lasne, Carole Hennequin

Lettres à la revues

Article Successful treatment of donor cell derived myelodysplastic syndrome with 5-azacytidine (p.713-4)
Selim Jennane, Mariyam El Haddad, El Mehdi Mahtat, Kamal Doghmi, Mohammed Mikdame

Article Optimization of pre-analytical conditions for measurement of biomarkers in seminal plasma: application to adipokines (p.715-7)
Yaelle Elfassy, Chloé McAvoy, Soraya Fellahi, Isabelle Berthaut, Jacqueline Capeau, Joelle Dupont, Bruno Fève, Rachel Levy, Jean-Philippe Bastard

Revue des médias

Article Lu pour vous dans… (p.718-9)